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Community Acupuncture – Health Space Clinics

Community acupuncture is a style of acupuncture that makes our treatments more affordable and accessible to those groups in our community who are in need of a little extra assistance. These people who otherwise would struggle to pay our regular fees and as a result receive little or no treatment now have the opportunity to […]

Getting to the point – Health Space Clinics

So, once again I am thrown completely out of my comfort zone in writing this blog, which seems to be a theme of my life at the moment, or perhaps it’s been a theme my entire life I just wasn’t learning the ‘lessons’ or getting to the point of the lesson?! Writing a blog is […]

How Do I Make Running Easier?

The weather is cooling down slightly while the sun is still out most days, making it a perfect cocktail for a run on the rocks or the grass! We can now wear our body hugging compression gear to show off our curves and lines without our makeup running with our excessive sweating (oh, hang on, […]

Recipe of the Day – Fermented Vegetables

Recipe of the Day – Fermented Vegetables Fermented vegetables are one way that we can reintroduce good bacteria into our digestive system to help recolonise the healthy bacteria in our guts and therefore take control of our own health and wellbeing. And they actually taste great! There are several delicious fermented veggies available to buy […]

Get Ready For Autumn – Health Space Clinics

Summer is over and autumn is here. How to transition through the change in season with ease. A Chinese medicine perspective You may have noticed that the sun doesn’t shine through the window like it used to in the morning and you’ve started wearing socks because the floor is getting cold. These are telling signs […]

Choosing the Healthiest Option – Health Space Clinics

How To Choose The ‘Healthiest’ Option In todays society we are constantly bombarded with the ‘latest research’ and the ‘right way’ to do things when it comes to looking after our body. But how much truth is there really behind all of this? And should you just jump on board the newest craze? As useful […]

Naturopathy & Stress – Health Space Clinics

A naturopath can help you improve work/life balance, and iron out little irritations that take the joy out of life and help put a bounce back in your step! There is no doubt that modern day family life is stressful and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, juggling school and after school activities, family commitments, work […]

food as medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” – Hippocrates the founder of Western medicine. Hippocrates’ belief was that all illness stemmed from a poor nutritional diet and eating habits. If we changed what we put into our body, our health could be restored. Over the course of time, society has moved away […]

The health benefits of Dandelion Tea

Herbal Tea can support our general health and vitality. However have you ever wondered which herbal tea has one of the highest antioxidant levels, is a supreme liver tonic and aids digestive function disorders like constipation and diarrhoea? It's Dandelion Tea! Regular drinking of dandelion tea will be of benefit for your whole body. Dandelion […]

10 healthy habits for 2015

1.  Make your own almond milk as a dairy alternative – its yummy, cheap, quick and easy! Simply soak your almonds for 24-48 hours, throw them in the blender and then strain the milk through some cloth! It also leaves you with some almond meal to bulk up your cooking. 2.  Get your Vitamin D […]

What is Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha? by Adam Haysom-McDowell In Chinese, the word Gua is defined as scraping or rubbing, and the word Sha as an area of red skin. Together the words Gua Sha (pronounced Gwar Shar) indicate a method of rubbing or scraping to produce small red spots called ‘petachiae’. Variations of Gua Sha, have […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By Mariana Diniz Chronic fatigue syndrome (CSF) is a condition characterized by severe fatigue which is not necessarily caused by any underlying medical condition and that lasts for more than 6 months. The fatigue does not improve with rest and may get worse after physical or mental exertion.  There is no single […]

Why Everyone Needs a Life Coach

Why everyone needs a Life Coach By Kate Wood Just like you need an athletic coach and a business coach, I believe we actually all need a ‘Life Coach’. How you expect to have the best life without some guidance? Life coaching is for everyone but people particularly seek out a life coach when they […]

Water water and more water

Water water and more water Most people know our bodies are about 72% water but did you know that your skin is 80% and your blood 90% water? All our physiological processes require water to function (such as temperature regulation, digestion, respiration and detoxification). Did you know that a 5% drop in body fluids can […]

Oil Pulling – What is oil Pulling and where did it start?

Oil Pulling By Dr. Kate Wood What is oil Pulling and where did it start? Oil pulling (also known as oil swishing) is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy to improve oral health, detoxification and overall systemic healing. It is mentioned in old Ayurvedic texts and been used long before it was comprehensible to western medicine and […]

Fluoridation – Friend or Foe?

Fluoridation – Friend or Foe? By Dr Kate Wood Fluoride was first introduced to drinking water in Australia in 1953 at Beaconsfield in Tasmania, with over 80% of Australian water supplies now fluoridated. Organisations such as the World Health Organization and Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), endorse water fluoridation as a safe […]

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