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BACK TO BASICS WEEK 2: Why moving is so important

Why is moving so important? Our bodies are designed to move. From infancy onwards; our natural instinct is to begin crawling and eventually into walking. Our joints are mobile to allow for all of these movements. How many of you would say that if you feel stiff and tight; that you feel good? As a […]

HOW TO: Warm Up

At Healthspace Clinics, many patients are referred for physiotherapy for having sustained some sort of injury from their competitive game over the weekend. Time and time again, I hear “I’m too stiff, it’s not like when I was a kid anymore”. As a Physiotherapist, one of the biggest questions I constantly get is – how […]

Beating back pain with Pilates

How strengthening your glutes may solve your back pain How many of you have been suffering from a sore back? Here at Health Space, we see many clients who suffer from back pain. Now, from a Physical Therapy point of view, there is a great deal we can do to help, however there is a […]

Are you suffering from reoccurring Ankle Sprains?

At Healthspace Clinics, many patients are referred for physiotherapy for having sprained their ankle. Some sprains can be quite minor while others can be very severe. In either case, the most frequently asked question we receive as physios, is without doubt, when can I play again? As naturally everyone is keen to recover and resume […]

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