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Dr. Taylor Harrison - Health Space Clinics

Dr. Taylor Harrison

Taylor is passionate about Chiropractic care for all ages, right from babies through to the elderly. He started his career focusing on…

Kevin Jalop - Health Space Clinics

Kevin Jalop

Kevin is a diploma qualified remedial massage therapist at Health Space. He specialises in deep tissue, sports, relaxation and remedial massage. Currently…

Ginette Lenham - Health Space Clinics

Ginette Lenham

Ginette is an experienced counsellor with a Bachelor of Applied Social Science, Grad Dip (counselling) Psychotherapy and Coaching and a member of…

Meet more of our team

Featured from our blog

Health Space Icons: Anne Massey

At 65 years of age, Health Space Kings Cross client, Anne Massey, is an inspiration: not only is she training for her next marathon, she is Facetiming her grandchildren around the globe and managing the board of the Can Too Foundation. In fact, she ran her first half Ironman at the age of 60! With […]

Detox with Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Welcome to the body’s most powerful system of detoxification! The lymph system is a big part of our immune system, it’s a network of different organs, nodes, ducts and vessels which help move around a clear fluid which removes bacteria from tissues inside the body. When this system doesn’t function properly, the fluid can build […]

How To Support Your Liver Without Going ‘On Detox’

With our exposure to environmental toxins, medications, toxic body care products, processed foods and alcohol, our health is greatly dependant on how well our body remove toxins. The main way to detoxify our body is through our liver, one of body’s most hard working organs. Liver not only detoxifies our blood, but it also produces […]

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