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Q&A With Georgia Grace – Sydney Based Sex Educator

Do you think the current dialogue that we have around sex, as a society, is having a negative impact on our individual experiences? (in that we’re very focused on the orgasm/ comparing our experiences with that of TV/film and porn or just not talking about it openly in our social groups). So far we have […]


Reactivity means, simply, that your body reacts to many things. This can be anything – foods, chemicals in the environment, criticism, emotions, pain. If you’re a reactive person, you feel everything strongly. Your system over-reacts to everything. (Feeling things strongly is not necessarily a bad thing, but reacting to everyday things can be really difficult.) […]

Squatting With Knees Over Toes

At times a controversial discussion point in the fitness community is debating whether it is safe for your knees to come forward over your toes when you are squatting. The reason it is deemed a problem is due to perceived excessive stress on the knee joint. But what does the research say about this commonly […]

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