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Sugar: is it ok to eat?

Natural vs. refined sugars Sugar: is it bad or is it not? What about refined sugar verses unrefined sugar? Or natural sweeteners? Liquid verses granulated? Fructose our glucose or sucrose? There are so many variations, no wonder people are so confused! Food (and indeed, sugar) are part of our lifestyle. Celebratory foods such as birthday […]

Are Your Upper Traps Really Tight?

Neck pain due to upper trap “tightness” is a common condition we see at Health Space clinics. As a physio, I have seen many patients come in saying they have tight upper traps or feel like they hold their tension in their traps which makes them feel tight. However, this may not actually be true. […]

Emotions, Digestion and Health

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach when you feel anxious about someone or a situation? Have you ever felt you wanted to eat anything or nothing at all when you are feeling down? Have you ever felt upset after eating something that made you felt sick? Those are simple examples of how our […]

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