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5 tips to help you return to training post COVID

The gyms will be open soon and many people are jumping for joy that they can now train. For some, the last few months has seen training take a new shape, with online classes and walks outdoors. For others the last few months, a trip to the fridge may have been the largest energy expenditure […]

Interview With Anytime Fitness

Dr Nicholas Miller chats with Anytime Fitness Baulkham Hills Club Manager, Emily Chadwick What made you enter the health industry? I have always been passionate about the health and fitness industry while growing up. I love seeing people take control of their health and work hard to achieve their goals. Best health tip? Eat well, […]

Foot, Knee injuries

With winter sport season is well underway, weekly netball and football codes are played all over Sydney. Thes sporting codes are known for the causing of knee injuries. One of the most common injuries to the knee are meniscus tears, which are most prevalent in males aged 31-40. The twisting and sideward movement of netball, […]

Should I train with a weight belt ?

Should I train with a weight belt ? Attend any gym in Sydney and you will often see women and men wrapping a weight belt around before hitting up the gym. Whether it be deadlifting, squatting or even bench press, regular gym goers often use them in order to brace or support the lower back. […]

When to train through the pain

You’re mid-way through a training session when you feel the onset of a small amount of pain. The decision whether to keep on pushing or to call it quits is a difficult one to make. The phrase "no pain no gain" – although motivating – is not one to live by as training through an […]

Do you even move?

For many amateur athletes the winter sporting season is getting close to finishing up for the year. This is the time we often see an increase in sporting based injuries within our clinic. These injuries range from muscle tears, knee and ankle injuries, shoulders and the list goes on. The accumulation of loads and stresses […]

Health Space Lane Cove & Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal

  Health Space Lane Cove & Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal Health Space Lane Cove is helping those in need this Christmas. You can help too! Donate a toy or book at the Health Space Lane Clinic. Your gift will be given to disadvantaged children this Christmas. To express our gratitude your child or your friend’s […]

FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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