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10 healthy habits for 2015

1.  Make your own almond milk as a dairy alternative – its yummy, cheap, quick and easy! Simply soak your almonds for 24-48 hours, throw them in the blender and then strain the milk through some cloth! It also leaves you with some almond meal to bulk up your cooking. 2.  Get your Vitamin D […]

What is Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha? by Adam Haysom-McDowell In Chinese, the word Gua is defined as scraping or rubbing, and the word Sha as an area of red skin. Together the words Gua Sha (pronounced Gwar Shar) indicate a method of rubbing or scraping to produce small red spots called ‘petachiae’. Variations of Gua Sha, have […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By Mariana Diniz Chronic fatigue syndrome (CSF) is a condition characterized by severe fatigue which is not necessarily caused by any underlying medical condition and that lasts for more than 6 months. The fatigue does not improve with rest and may get worse after physical or mental exertion.  There is no single […]

Why Everyone Needs a Life Coach

Why everyone needs a Life Coach By Kate Wood Just like you need an athletic coach and a business coach, I believe we actually all need a ‘Life Coach’. How you expect to have the best life without some guidance? Life coaching is for everyone but people particularly seek out a life coach when they […]

Water water and more water

Water water and more water Most people know our bodies are about 72% water but did you know that your skin is 80% and your blood 90% water? All our physiological processes require water to function (such as temperature regulation, digestion, respiration and detoxification). Did you know that a 5% drop in body fluids can […]

Oil Pulling – What is oil Pulling and where did it start?

Oil Pulling By Dr. Kate Wood What is oil Pulling and where did it start? Oil pulling (also known as oil swishing) is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy to improve oral health, detoxification and overall systemic healing. It is mentioned in old Ayurvedic texts and been used long before it was comprehensible to western medicine and […]

Fluoridation – Friend or Foe?

Fluoridation – Friend or Foe? By Dr Kate Wood Fluoride was first introduced to drinking water in Australia in 1953 at Beaconsfield in Tasmania, with over 80% of Australian water supplies now fluoridated. Organisations such as the World Health Organization and Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), endorse water fluoridation as a safe […]

Sydney Spa and Health Retreat

by Dr Nick Wood It has been a long time coming and Sydney now has it's very own prestiege health retreat and spa. Health Space has joined forces with the Historic quarantine station,  Accor Hotel at Manly's North Head in Sydney to offer a very unique a special experience. There will be two distinct parts […]

What is Candida?

Blog post by Claire Blazey, Naturopath for Healthspace What is Candida? Candida albicans has been linked to causing a wide variety of symptoms in virtually every system of the body, with the most susceptible being the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary, endocrine, nervous system and immune system. Candida albicans is a yeast that occurs naturally within the […]


Migraines: (By Claire Blazey, Naturopath for Health Space Kings Cross)   What are Migraines? A migraine is a severe type of headache that occurs usually on one side of the head and can last anywhere between a few hours and a few days. Symptoms that occur with migraines include: pain (sharp or throbbing sensation), nausea, […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – A Serious Pain.acupuncture

Sarah Cherny – Practitioner of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncturist & Herbalist) Health Space Clinics, Potts Point, NSW CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME – A SERIOUS PAIN IN THE WRIST!     CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME (CTS) ⇒ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when there is compression of the median nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist, causing […]

Intravenous Vitamin C

THE BENEFITS OF VITAMIN C INFUSION Vitamin C can be used to treat many types of chronic and acute illnesses/diseases including the following: • chronic fatigue • lyme disease • chronic depression • acute or chronic muscle spasm • fibromyalgia • migraine headaches • tensions headaches • nicotine withdrawal • allergies • respiratory and cardiac […]

Cellulite & the best way to fight it | Blog – Health Space Clinics

Cellulite by Jackie Randal of BodyConfident Northern Beaches. Cellulite occurs when fat cells enlarge (usually with age) deep underneath the skin and push up against the underlying connective tissue.  This process is what causes the skin to have a dimpled, lumpy, cottage cheese appearance.  When these individual fat cells increase in size it limits space under the […]

Ticks And Lyme Disease.

Tips and Tricks to prevent and protect yourself from tick bites and contracting Lyme disease (and it's co-infections) When in bushy areas minimise the amount of skin exposed by wearing light coloured long clothing so you can have the best chance of seeing if ticks do jump onto you. Tuck your long pants into your […]

Lyme Disease and Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy for Lyme Disease Ozone Therapy is the use of ozone gas (03), which is a molecule that contains 3 oxygen atoms to help alleviate or treat symptoms of certain medical conditions. Ozone therapy has been used for a long time and dates back at least as far as the the first world war […]

HYPERTHERMIA: A cure for Lyme Disease?

HYPERTHERMIA:The information summarised straight from the St Georg Klinik’s website in Bad Aibling Germany) http://www.kstg.net/e/therapies/hyperthermia/systemic_whole_body_hyperthermia.html and includes my information and opinion. Introduction It is known malignant cells, cancerous tissues and microbes are heat sensitive and that under certain conditions they can be selectively destroyed by heat. Systemic whole body hyperthermia (SWBH) heats the whole body to […]

Doula Support During Pregnancy, labour and Early Motherhood.

What is a Doula and what do they do? The word Doula comes from the greek language and means ‘woman’s servant or caregiver’. Traditionally birthing was a woman’s job and often the birth was attended by another female such as a mother, sister or friend. This inspired the formal training of a Doula (also known […]

Candidiasis in Lyme Disease Sufferers

Candidiasis in Lyme Disease Sufferers Most lyme sufferers are immunocompromised and have often taken multiple types of antibiotics over prolonged periods. The combination of the antibiotics wiping out all the bacteria in the digestive tract and the weakened immune defenses within the body often contribute to an overgrowth of yeast (most notably candida albicans), also […]

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