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The Depth of Tension Headache & Its Contributing Factors

Working as a physiotherapist at Healthspace Burwood, I see many patients who experience headaches that affect them daily. Most of these patients are diagnosed with Tension Headache. This condition can be precipitated from stress or their positioning throughout the day.  You can gather a further understanding of the intensity and type of headache the patient is […]

Weight Loss Challenge – Health Space Clinics

Health Space Potts Point Presents: The Living Lean Challenge! Have you been struggling to get out of bed every morning? Have you been feeling a bit heavier and maybe feel like you could use an easy detox? You are reading this for a reason! Join Health Space Clinic Potts Point and Health Space Wholefoods for […]

Are We Using the Best Methods to Treat Tennis Elbow?

We all know that Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) contains an 'itis' at the ends of its name. But does it actually contain inflammation? The answer is no! Tennis elbow instead involves a neovascularization – which is an increase in the natural formation of new blood vessels. Many practitioners use manual therapy for this condition. But […]

Inflammation Is The Biggest Trigger For Skin Issues.

We all know when something is inflamed on the outside, but the problem really starts inside the body. Internal inflammation can happen for a host of reasons such as from poor dietary habits, environmental toxin exposures, immune system overactivity (allergies, autoimmune disease), digestive problems and even hormone imbalances. A high level of inflammation within the […]

How Stress Wrecks Your Hormones

When it comes to your hormones stress is all about your adrenal glands. These glands that sit on top of your kidneys can completely make or break your health. The most common issue that can cause adrenal dysfunction is chronic stress. You may just think that stress comes from external pressures such as deadlines at […]

An Integrated Journey Back to Health and Happiness – The Book!

Exciting news!! Dr. Kate Wood’s new book called ‘An Integrated Journey Back to Health and Happiness’ will hit shelves soon. It is a book about her health journey through Lyme Disease but also has some great tips on how to get healthy and stay healthy from a physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual perspective. There is […]

Magic of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi – Health Space Clinics

In Hawaii I got a unique opportunity to learn the healing art of Lomi Lomi taught by an incredibly gentle soul manifesting Aloha in her very being, Jeana Naluai. Her teachings, soft spirituality and the undeniable power of Lomi Lomi changed my way of looking at bodywork forever. I use the basic techniques of this […]

Pilates Potts Point – Health Space Clinics

Healthspace Potts Point is starting physiotherapist run Pilates classes starting January 2016! NEW YEAR – NEW YOU! Come and get fit and strong at our new Potts Point Pilates studio! What is Pilates? Pilates is a type of exercise which incorporates strength, stability and flexibility. It is known as the art of controlled movement, this […]

What is Recti Diastasis – Health Space Clinics

What is recti diastasis? Recti diastasis happens when the two long abdominal muscles called rectus abdominis separates during pregnancy or with weight gain. The fascial layers between these muscles widen. 27% of women have a abdominal muscle separation in the second trimester and 66% in the third trimester of pregnancy, Boissonnault & Blaschak (1988). In […]

Pumpkin Adzuki Curry Recipe – Health Space Clinics

This recipe is great for summer heat and those with menopausal signs and symptoms. Enjoy this delish recipe! If you’re using uncooked adzuki beans, soak them for between one and four hours, rinse them thoroughly and cook for 45 minutes before adding to the curry (uncooked chickpeas will need an overnight soak and the same […]

What is Your Value – Health Space Clinics

Spring is the time for change and refreshing ourselves is one of those changes. I have recently helped a number of clients who were experiencing difficulties in self worth. Sometimes it can be an issue with understanding where they are heading in life or they don’t feel appreciated at work. Others have felt they have […]

Bonnie Stedman Interview – Health Space Clinics

Below is an interview article with Health Space naturopath & nutritionist Bonnie Stedman and the North Journal Spring addition on all things food. Enjoy! What is on this spring time menu? I love sharing food, so lots of dishes on the table that everyone can help themselves from is my ideal way of eating.  Today I […]

Spring Clean Your Liver – Health Space Clinics

Just as we like to do a spring clean of our living areas at this time of year it is also a great time to spring clean this major organ of detoxification and elimination in our body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Liver organ is associated with the spring season.  It is well known […]

Cleansing Time | Blog – Health Space Clinics

Now that Spring is here, it's time for a spring clean for the body. A dietary cleanse aims to remove toxins that have built up in the body, due to a poor diet with high amounts of processed foods, toxic environment from chemicals in cleaning and beauty products and too much alcohol, sugar and caffeine. […]

Update from Nick Wood – Health Space Clinics

The healthcare landscape is changing at an incredible rate. Our medicare system are under more and more pressure as the costs of providing the services required push the system into the red and the numbers of those sick continue to climb. Health is a journey, its a process or pathway that we walk through our […]

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