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During Easter break, I had a giggle to an image of 2 chocolate bunnies that a friend posted on Facebook. One had a bite chunk off its butt and it yelled at the other bunny, “My butt hurts!!!” The other chocolate bunny had a bite chunk off its ears and replied, “What??”

Often we complain that our partner doesn’t listen to us or doesn’t understand us. Perhaps they talk so much that it is hard for us to find a blank space, or a second to reply with our thoughts. But have you ever noticed that perhaps they don’t talk too much (or in great detail) with other people? Perhaps you are the only one that they feel comfortable to open up to? Isn’t it a privilege to be the special one that your partner can be their true self with?

Perhaps they talk too little, or at least too little of a personal nature. But have you ever considered that in their past, they may have experienced hard things of the heart such as cruelty, mockery and shame? Maybe they experienced bullying at school or abuse at home? If this happens often enough, people will shut down. People who have had these negative experiences long for affection and attention.

Perhaps the best response to the famous question “What do women want?” or “What do men want?” might be “Why don’t you ask and then listen?”

What can we do differently to change our communication pattern and make it more effective?

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Written by Ingrid Galloway

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