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Beating back pain with Pilates

How strengthening your glutes may solve your back pain

How many of you have been suffering from a sore back? Here at Health Space, we see many clients who suffer from back pain. Now, from a Physical Therapy point of view, there is a great deal we can do to help, however there is a lot you can do too.  

In a lot the patients I see, after following a thorough assessment, it becomes evident that the cause of the back pain has been a result of Gluteal dysfunction. The most effective way to fix Gluteal dysfunction? Pilates.

Pilates focuses on strength, stability and flexibility. Here at Potts Point, we have a small pilates studio and can cater for a maximum of 4 people per class.  This ensures every client gets the personalised attention required to perfect the exercise. This ensures you maximise the benefits from each movement and see results quickly.

But how can performing a few exercises help my back pain? 

Our pilates classes are taught by Physiotherapists and keep the emphasis on strengthening the deeper layer of glute muscles – Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus. It is essential these muscles are strong as they required for hip stability. If our hips are unaligned as result of inefficient glute activation, it can most definitely result in severe back pain over time.  

Come on past our Potts Point clinic and see for yourself how great the benefits of this type of personalised, targeted pilates can be in managing back pain. 

Written by Isaac Serhan 

Author: Isaac Serhan

Isaac Serhan is a Physiotherapist at our Potts Point and Kingsford clinics. He has a main interest in the treatment of sporting and chronic injuries. He can be contacted on 8354 1534.

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