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Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, Otherwise Known As Shin Splints

At Healthspace Clinics in Burwood, we are associated with many sports where the athletes develop overuse injuries that require treatment from an experienced physiotherapist.

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) is one of the most common overuse injuries of the lower body that affects runners, breaststrokers and many more. The incidence (rate/ frequency occurrence) of MTSS ranges from 4 – 35%.

This is quite a large range, and is especially concerning as the pathophysiology of why the injury occurs is mostly unknown. There are some theories that have come as a result of research papers (studies) to explain some of the possible causes.

A study in 2006 investigated the endurance of plantar flexors (i.e. calf) with patients who had MTSS, compared to those who don’t have MTSS. They concluded that those patients who have MTSS have poor endurance of their ankle plantar flexors. This was a statistically significant result, meaning that this is mostly likely a contributing factor to shin splints.

SO… what does this mean?

This result is clinically relevant as it guides us as to what is the best direction to take with a client presenting with shin splints.

We recommend the following:

Step 1: If you think you have MTSS (shin splints) – come into Healthspace Clinics in Burwood to see a physiotherapist

Step 2: We perform an assessment on your plantar flexors / calves

Step 3: We determine if your plantar flexors have poor or good endurance levels

Step 3: Based on this result, we then prescribe exercises and use manual therapy and other modalities to treat your MTSS

Our highly experienced physios at Healthspace clinics in Burwood will not only help to reverse your contributing factors to shin splints, but will make you a better athlete in doing so.

See the physiotherapists at Shop 2, 5 Wilga St. Burwood or call (02) 9745 3700 to learn more or attain treatment for your MTSS.

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