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Lyme Disease Help and Support – Health Space Blog

I have worked out that to heal you have to tread the fine line of understanding your illness without giving it enough time that it consumes you. This can be said of any health concern big or small. So for those wanting to learn more about Lyme Disease and those interested in the health journey, […]

What is Sciatica? How can I treat it? – Health Space Blog

We get quite a few inquiries about sciatica at our Kings Cross/Potts Point Healthspace Clinic and I thought it would be good to address the topic as it is an extremely painful and debilitating condition for many Australians. What is Sciatica? Sciatica relates to the set of symptoms resulting from pressure or compression of the […]

Lyme Disease Recovery & Healing – Health Space Blog

My name is Kate Wood and I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease last year and have had an interesting journey over the last 8 months. At this time, the Australian Government does NOT recognise Lyme as a Disease that can be contracted in Australia. This means there also isn’t a lot of information available that […]

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