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Changes from the heart

My experience over six months as a massage therapist has given me the opportunity to hear explicitly from my clients their main phsysical concerns. Behind these words I identify two things. Firstly, the value that they give to their health and, secondly, the struggles that sometimes they have to introduce life changes prolonged. This post […]

Avoiding winter weight gain

Winter can easily wreak havoc on our usual health routine. Cold mornings are enough to keep even the most ardent exerciser in bed hitting the snooze button. We are far more likely to overindulge and forget the importance of a wholefood diet when we’re not faced with being in a bikini! Seasonal weight gain is […]


During Easter break, I had a giggle to an image of 2 chocolate bunnies that a friend posted on Facebook. One had a bite chunk off its butt and it yelled at the other bunny, “My butt hurts!!!” The other chocolate bunny had a bite chunk off its ears and replied, “What??” Often we complain […]

Is stress keeping you from a Baywatch worthy body?

Casting call! Beach ready bodies that look great in the colour red! A remake of Baywatch is currently underway and they’re shooting as I write this. Most of us who grew up in the 1990’s have flicked over at some stage in our lives and been sucked into the tacky world of saving humanity one […]


Recently, I came to a big business networking event celebrating International Women's Day. The attendees were given a handout with some interesting statistics that one of my clients (the organizer and moderator), researched: When husbands do more housework, wives are less depressed, marital conflicts decrease and satisfaction increases. Risk of divorce reduces by about 50% […]

Beating back pain with Pilates

How strengthening your glutes may solve your back pain How many of you have been suffering from a sore back? Here at Health Space, we see many clients who suffer from back pain. Now, from a Physical Therapy point of view, there is a great deal we can do to help, however there is a […]

Winners Always Quit

‘Winners never quit and quitters never Win’ – Vince Lombardi….. Or do they? To be great at something takes huge effort, determination, sacrifice but most importantly a strategy. Learning to play an instrument for the first time is a good example. Take two piano novices. The first has regular lessons, practices at home and in […]

Are you suffering from reoccurring Ankle Sprains?

At Healthspace Clinics, many patients are referred for physiotherapy for having sprained their ankle. Some sprains can be quite minor while others can be very severe. In either case, the most frequently asked question we receive as physios, is without doubt, when can I play again? As naturally everyone is keen to recover and resume […]

Health Space Chiropractors Volunteer in Philippines

Five Health Space Chiropractors are embarking on amazing journey this month, providing Chiropractic care to some of the world’s poorest in the slums of Manila from April 13th-20th. The trip was organised through the charity Giving Health, which was founded by Dr Taylor Harrison from the Rozelle Clinic late last year. He is travelling on […]

Is your partner making you fat?

We’ve all seen the process unfold at one time or another and heard the jokes that people throw around either at their own expense or someone else’s. You may have even felt the brunt of it yourself and questioned ‘is this just the process of getting older?’ Or ‘is this what is meant to happen?’ […]

Frozen Shoulder

At Healthspace Clinics many patients are referred for physiotherapy for conditions arising in the shoulder. Some conditions begin insidiously (gradually) and others due to a specific movement the patient did during work or exercise. Today I will be discussing Adhesive Capsulitis, otherwise known as Frozen Shoulder. Frozen Shoulder is a chronic debilitating condition that occurs […]

Scaphoid, the worst of the carpal bone fractures

At Healthspace Clinics in Burwood, we find that many people who fall on their outstretched hands, whether they are playing sport or walking down the street, tend to fracture a structure most commonly known as the scaphoid bone (located above the thumb). The scaphoid has a very important role in connecting the wrist to the […]


Are you about to enter your sporting season? Did you have any injuries affecting your game last season? Make sure you gain a competitive edge – get started on your Pre-hab so you don't sustain an injury again! At Health Space, we are offering 50% off all chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture initial consultations to help […]

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, Otherwise Known As Shin Splints

At Healthspace Clinics in Burwood, we are associated with many sports where the athletes develop overuse injuries that require treatment from an experienced physiotherapist. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) is one of the most common overuse injuries of the lower body that affects runners, breaststrokers and many more. The incidence (rate/ frequency occurrence) of MTSS […]

Don’t keep on rolling them ankles!

At Healthspace clinics in Burwood, our physiotherapists come across many ATFL injuries, especially rolling into the another season of soccer and footy come late February and March. The anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) is also known as the lateral ligament in the ankle, and it is the most common sporting related injury. Once a lateral ligament […]

The Depth of Tension Headache & Its Contributing Factors

Working as a physiotherapist at Healthspace Burwood, I see many patients who experience headaches that affect them daily. Most of these patients are diagnosed with Tension Headache. This condition can be precipitated from stress or their positioning throughout the day.  You can gather a further understanding of the intensity and type of headache the patient is […]

Weight Loss Challenge – Health Space Clinics

Health Space Potts Point Presents: The Living Lean Challenge! Have you been struggling to get out of bed every morning? Have you been feeling a bit heavier and maybe feel like you could use an easy detox? You are reading this for a reason! Join Health Space Clinic Potts Point and Health Space Wholefoods for […]

Are We Using the Best Methods to Treat Tennis Elbow?

We all know that Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) contains an 'itis' at the ends of its name. But does it actually contain inflammation? The answer is no! Tennis elbow instead involves a neovascularization – which is an increase in the natural formation of new blood vessels. Many practitioners use manual therapy for this condition. But […]

Magic of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi – Health Space Clinics

In Hawaii I got a unique opportunity to learn the healing art of Lomi Lomi taught by an incredibly gentle soul manifesting Aloha in her very being, Jeana Naluai. Her teachings, soft spirituality and the undeniable power of Lomi Lomi changed my way of looking at bodywork forever. I use the basic techniques of this […]

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