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The Depth of Tension Headache & Its Contributing Factors

Working as a physiotherapist at Healthspace Burwood, I see many patients who experience headaches that affect them daily. Most of these patients are diagnosed with Tension Headache. This condition can be precipitated from stress or their positioning throughout the day. 

You can gather a further understanding of the intensity and type of headache the patient is complaining of based on a thorough history taking. The patient may complain of dull aching pain or a pressure or tightness across the forehead or back of the head. Another really common symptom is when the headache arises on later in the day, during or after work.

After an in depth investigation and palpation assessment, I mostly find two things that contribute to the patient’s tension headache. These are:

  • A thoracic segment (mid-spine) involvement that is always stiff and painful. This is assessed through a thorough feel of the patient’s spine
  • The aponeurosis galea is tight and is contributing to the patient’s symptoms, if stretched in the correct way

It is through these assessments and findings that we can treat the patient’s tension headache and get them back to their lives, headache free!

At Healthspace in Burwood, our physiotherapists are always on the look out for best leading evidence. Not only are well-educated and recognised with many of the doctors and locals in the area, but this is our passion.

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