Recently, I came to a big business networking event celebrating International Women's Day. The attendees were given a handout with some interesting statistics that one of my clients (the organizer and moderator), researched:

  • When husbands do more housework, wives are less depressed, marital conflicts decrease and satisfaction increases.
  • Risk of divorce reduces by about 50% when a wife earns half of the income and the husband does half the housework.
  • Couples who share domestic responsibilities have more sex! (And who wouldn't love that?

How interesting was that research? In this day and age, the traditional roles of a man and a woman certainly have changed in a big way. More women then ever are very independent and reaching the top of their career ladder.  Yes, we want more equality in opportunities and social acknowledgments, but it's not about crushing men. I feel it's about being treated more thoughtfully by our partner, in life and at work.   

How about each of us try these 3 steps to be more thoughtful towards our partner: 

  1. Take time. If both of you make your relationship a priority, it won't be hard to find the time to be together. Time is our most valuable commodity, share it with the one you love.  
  2. Understanding. "Seek rather to understand than to be understood" are some of the wisest sayings. When your partner feels understood, he or she can love you more deeply and give you more of what you need.
  3. Find forgiveness. One of my mentors said that the more he allowed himself to be angry, the more cells he killed in his body. So he learnt to let go, whatever it was, it wasn't worth him dying. Forgiveness is necessary for a long-lasting relationship. The sooner you find it, the better you will feel.  

Being thoughtful costs you nothing, but do you think it will contribute to having a wonderful relationship? I bet.   

Often my clients commented when they received a Gift Voucher from their partners, that it was a very thoughtful gift. So why don't you let them experience our amazing and recently renewed Body Bliss Package to detox, awaken and hydrate their skin, body and mind. A glorious 60 minute treatment to bring them back to life. 

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Ingrid Galloway – Relationship coach and Spa Therapist 

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