The Art of Forgiveness and its Benefits

How many times did you end up in an argument with your partner, a member of your family or someone at work and it didn’t resolve there and then?

Have you ever noticed how strong you feel resentment towards someone, or even towards yourself even after a long period of time after the situation happened?

We are humans and we have emotions; we run through different emotional states everyday, but have you ever checked what you are carrying with you that you would be better to let go?

Anger and Irritability

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, anger and irritability are emotions connected to the Wood Element, which is represented in our body by our liver and gallbladder; the colour associated with this emotion is green and its voice sound is shouting…. Sounds familiar?

Looking at the Chakra system I often find these emotions located in the Sacral and Heart Chakra.

Emotions are not good or bad but in my experience they have qualities of expansion or contraction. Anger is definitely an emotion with a lot of contraction qualities; when we experience anger we feel tense, our muscles tense up, our throat and our entire system goes in ‘fight or flight’ response.

Adrenaline and cortisol are pumped in our body – a classic stress level response – in order for us to strive, our liver and gallbladder are asked to do overtime at work, and we feel we are about to explode.

If an emotional response is always to be considered a good response from our system (body, mind and spirit), doing constant overtime, carrying a constant tension and feeling ready to explode every time we remember a particular situation can end up with only one result: we burn out!

Let the Lid Off

There are a lot of different techniques that we can utilise to deal with anger in an empowering way and most important some of techniques allow you to get rid of the anger connected to one situation once and for all. Sound simple? It could be…

The first step is identifying the cause of the anger and resentment. Most of the time the original event lose all its power, as nobody has been able to time travel, go back in the past and change the outcome, a situation that happened only five minutes ago, surely not a day, a month or even years ago! What is left is a sense of loyalty, honour and trust that has been damaged; it has created an emotional scar that every time that gets touched it hurts, and when it hurts we need to survive, again and again and again.

According to the different energetic systems or visions, there are techniques that will suit our personality more than others; on a practical level the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) allows, with a trained practitioner, an emotional detachment from the original event during the session, so it facilitates the work necessary to free us from an emotion that doesn’t empower us anymore, as we don’t get worked about it anymore.

EFT is a take-away tool and once you learn the basics, even during one session, you can utilise it every time you experience anger or any contractive emotions to handle them the best you can.

Meditation has enormous success with our emotional baggage and once we find the right technique, we can then work on our own, giving back peace and tranquillity where turmoil was.

Following Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are acupressure points that we can gently massage during the day or before going to bed, that will allow us, and give our liver, a little break from the over work

Forgiving Yourself

This is hard-core work! I found this to be one of the hardest practice with clients and personally as well.

When we carry anger and resentment toward ourselves for something we have done or said and we wish we could take back, it becomes really hard to look inside, find our own vulnerability and admit our mistake.

We become the target of our own anger, and when we are angry with someone we don’t really have uplifting feelings towards that person, and direct it to ourselves.

There is a Hawaiian technique – Ho’oponopono – that is very effective with self-forgiveness and the general process is to let go of resentment and anger. I have witnessed incredible results with it personally and with clients.

When was the last time that you checked inside and had an emotional detox? What is still playing a role in your life that happened a long time ago? Have you ever thought that it was never about the other person but it is more to gift yourself peace and tranqullity?

If you are interested in exploring the forgiveness process, and would like to give yourself and your liver a little break and remove some unnecessary emotional baggage book a Energetic Healing session today by calling 02. 8354 1534 or send me an email

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