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Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Have you checked in to your health this year?

Health is a broad term, but from my health and healing sanctuary within the Health Space Clinic at Coogee-Randwick, my focus and passion is on your mental and emotional health.

To help attain and maintain your New Year’s Resolution goals, I am offering 20% off my services to all clients who come to Health Space Clinic at Coogee-Randwick on Tuesdays until the 11th April 2017.

Emotional Intelligence encourages a positive state of mental health. So what does this actually mean, you’re asking? As a Mental and Emotional Health Therapist, I incorporate a variety of therapeutic modalities such as counselling, hypnosis and healing at a cellular level to ensure tangible and lasting results for my clients.

I want to ensure I connect with my client and commit to helping unpack everything that they feel has been keeping them in a state of unhappiness within themselves. I am very passionate and dedicated to seeing my client flourish to reach their truest potential through the decision to let go of their inner wounds.

Working with adults and teens, I coach my clients to understand their emotions better. I’m able give them tools to help them overcome challenging situations rather than to become stuck as their own worst enemy.

When people become trapped in their emotions, they start taking up other distractions as an avoidance strategy, such as binge eating, social media addictions, alcohol, smoking, gambling and the like.

My special interests are in Narrative Therapy and Ego State Therapy, which encourages my client to really open up to other parts within themselves to gain greater clarity on past events and associated emotional reactions, and to most certainly to help them rewrite their story.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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