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The Great Thirst

Many conditions/symptoms are often linked to dehydration, and the vast majority of people are dehydrated!  So, it’s no wonder that so many are suffering from various ailments.

While we know it’s great to drink water, here are some of the reasons it’s also vital to keep ourselves well hydrated.  Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical functions.  Water contributes to the maintenance of normal cognitive functions, and to keep us cool, or warm, depending what the weather throws our way, water contributes to the maintenance of normal thermoregulation.

One part of dehydration is when the body’s water metabolism is not functioning at its best, and it can feel like no matter how much water you’re drinking, you’re still not getting the full benefit of it.  For this, we can check and re-balance it, allowing your body to make the best use of the water you’re taking on board.

The other side of dehydration is obviously based on intake.  Most people simply do not drink enough water for their weight.  A good guide to aim for is 1 litre of water for every 25kgs of our body weight in the warmer months, and 1L/30kg in the cooler months.

Remember coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohols are all dehydrators.  Do not substitute them for water!  An easy way to achieve good hydration is to keep a water bottle on you, in your bag or at your desk, so you’ve always got a cool refreshing drink within arms reach.

For tips, further advice, water metabolism checks and more, feel free to make an appointment today.

Yours in health,

Dr Chris Doyle – Potts Point 

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