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New Year Detox

After a lovely Christmas break and a few extra glasses of sav blanc enjoyed with friends and family over the new year period I decided to do a mini detox last month to give my liver and digestive system a bit of a break and a chance to recover! 

I put the word out to friends and family with an offer to join me and my hubby Jake and had a great response with people keen to jump on board so as a team we embarked on the program together, offering recipe ideas, posting pics of our detox- friendly meals and grocery items whilst encouraging and supporting each through the temptations… the struggle was real! 

I certainly found that focusing on what we could eat rather than what we couldn't eat helped me feel like I wasn't restricting myself as much. So whilst alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy and meat was off the list there was an abundance of dishes I could make using fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, brown rice, quinoa, chia and much more! 

Don't get me wrong- the first few days were pretty tough… I missed my coffee that's for sure but I found yummy alternatives like Golden lattes (made from anti-inflammatory tumeric, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and pure vanilla powder) and roasted Dandelion tea which has a nice bitter taste like coffee but is great for your liver. 

Jake and I took probiotics, a greens detox powder called G-tox express and some Liver supportive herbs called Phyto- pro along with a good quality vegan protein powder and had a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water first thing in the morning and last thing at night. 

A couple of minor headaches and ignored sugar cravings later I was feeling soooo good! More clear headed, less lethargic in the morning, a flatter tummy and my digestive system felt like it was working the way it was supposed to! I had more energy thanks to a more restful sleep – I even got up and went for an early surf before Jake left for work… that's the first early Ive had since having our daughter! 

Jake, and the rest of our detox crew reported feeling much better too… more self control, less bloating, more energised and happier! I increased my exercise to every 2nd day (surfing or weights) also managed to lose 3 kgs in 10 days without even trying to and all the while still eating heaps of yummy food! 

We usually do a detox about 3 or 4 times a year and find it's a great way to remind ourselves how good we can feel when we are eating clean and avoiding toxins in all shapes and forms.

If you need help with deciding what style of detox is best suited to you book in to see your nutritionist or naturopath and they can give you the tools and recommendations you need to succeed! 

Written by Rachel Pavitt 

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