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Brace Me is Born!

After years as chiropractor, Nick Wood frequently found his clients couldn’t find the right braces for their needs and were confused about what was most suited to them. Nick designed the Brace Me range to bridge that gap. His range of braces provide a high-quality, straight-forward solution, designed to support his clients in their everyday lives. His expertise as a chiropractor has shaped the designs to support specific injuries and conditions, as well as supporting weak joints during exercise and movement.

The Brace Me range has now been expanded to include resistance bands, exercise balls, foam rollers, yoga mats and trigger point balls. This collection of rehab equipment is intended to facilitate Health Space clients in their rehabilitation, from the clinic to their living room.

You can see the complete range of braces and rehab equipment at our Potts Point clinic or online http://braceme.com.au/

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