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What Are Impingements?

Shoulder impingement is caused by the intermittent trapping and compression of rotator cuff tendons in the small space under the top of the shoulder – the subacromial space. Shoulder impingement is a syndrome, occurring due to repeated shoulder movement and therefore frequent compression of the rotator cuff tendons. This leads to inflammation, swelling, and thus, a persistent ache or pain.

What causes impingement?

1.   Primary (structural) impingement: A structural narrowing of the joint space as a result of bone spurs under the acromion.

2.   Secondary impingement: Dynamic instability in the shoulder joint due to excessive shoulder joint motion, muscular imbalances (tightness and weakness), as well as ligament laxity. 

Physiotherapy can assist in the treatment and rehabilitation of various shoulder conditions, including Shoulder impingement. Through the use of various manual techniques, in combination with a specific and supervised home exercise program (including mobility and strengthening exercises), the Physiotherapists at Health Space aim to target the cause of the problem and prevent future reoccurrences.

If you think you may have a shoulder impingement, it is best not to wait. Call up your closest clinic and make an appointment today.

Written by Eleni Tsagaris

Physiotherapist Potts Point, Mona Vale and Brookvale.

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