Working on disempowering beliefs with the EFT technique

Working on disempowering beliefs with the EFT technique

Have you ever wondered what do you really believe regarding yourself and how this affects your life on a daily basis?

Have you ever thought about your beliefs in yourself, and how this affects your daily life? If you have ever caught yourself thinking along the lines of “I will never be successful at this job”, “I will never find true love” or “I can’t go through this”, then this is the blog for you.

Our belief system is what makes us who we are. Beliefs are created over the course of our lives; our culture, religion, family, friends and workplace all contribute and help build our beliefs system.

Most of our beliefs are formed during our childhood years and they become unconscious and deep to the point that we don’t even realize we have them.

Others are created later on in life based on our experiences, events and traumas that define us as a person.

A belief can be defined as a thought process that creates solid pathways in our brain and in our system as a whole allowing us to learn and grow.

Experiential, Emotional and Cultural Beliefs

A belief is formed as a result of a situation, either from a physical, emotional or cultural experience. Once the belief is created, it then stores in our being creating a connection of the type cause-effect that permanently leaves a mark.

Emotions are part of a powerful beliefs creating process. “I’m not good enough”, for example, is a belief created by an emotional situation (i.e. living in an abusive family can develop this belief) or by circumstances that are interpreted in a disempowering way (i.e. failing schools tests or loosing sport competitions).  Even though we don’t experience physical pain our brain makes the same connections and stores them in the same area.

Every belief related to race, economic status, sex and so on it is generally classified as a cultural belief; we have been told and taught certain things or we live in an environment that nurtures particular cultural and educational beliefs. Once again we don’t necessarily have a front line experience with the situation however the neurological connections in our brain work in the same way with an identical storing mechanism.

Storing information in our brain is part of our learning process which builds up over the years allowing us to have more complex experiences using this memory based system; every time a similar situation presents itself our brain recalls the same associated feelings even though the experience is not exactly the same.

Your autopilot system

Once we store a belief in us it becomes part of our navigational system and we travel through life with that unconscious navigational path and filter everything through it.

Even though maps are good in order to find directions, if the map is not correctly loaded or the base assumptions are coming from a particular angle the result is that we get lost.

Some beliefs are extremely useful and empowering, “harm no others” is a good principle to live by and empower us to have healthy social interactions. However beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” and “Don’t trust your emotions” may have a very disempowering effect on us, and contribute to us not living our lives to our full potential.

The beliefs system is similar to the skeleton of the human body, when we are born our bones are soft and fragile and as we grow older they become calcified and stronger. The same process happens for our belief system, from a soft belief system (a new born is open to anything) we calcify it through life experiences, which are still created and perceived throughout our filters, according to the way our brain functions, which again is based on our beliefs. This process creates a loop.

Physically and chemically our memories are stored in our brain, when memories through associations become part of our belief system, they are stored in the brain as well.

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

The EFT technique bases its principles on both Easter medicine, in particular Chinese, for which meridians represents its basis, and Western modern medicine and psychology.

Meridians, according to the Chinese tradition, are energy pathways that carry the vital energy or Qi all around the body. These pathways have terminal points, also called “endpoint” that surface the body in specific locations, where the physical tapping happens.

Physically tapping with our fingers on those points create bio-chemical and emotional reactions within our system, allowing us to reach a relaxed state when our brain doesn’t necessarily use a fixed pathway and remains open to investigation and new possibilities.

During an EFT session with a trained practitioner you will be encouraged and guided to explore a particular aspect of your life, such as a belief or a life experience and facilitate in processing that in the most empowering way for you.

Having an emotional attachment with a particular situation doesn’t create room for processing information, viewpoints and possibilities; we literally hit a block created by our brain in order to protect us to avoid discomfort such as pain, anxiety and fear that create stress on our bodies.

EFT allows us to get pass that emotional attachment and response not causing that stressful emotional reaction. Once you learn the basic principles of the tapping sequence you can use this technique on your own allowing your self-exploration and healing process to develop in your own time.

Do you feel you are hitting roadblocks in your life and nothing seems to change? Do you keep repeating the same experience over and over and don’t know what to do next? Do you often wonder how can I get past this?  Do you think this is who I am and I can’t change?

These are some of the questions that can be resolved and released during EFT sessions. A positive aspect of EFT is that is a “take away” technique that allows you to be in charge of your life in order to unfold your full potential.

If you feel that this resonates with you at some level, if you want to explore new and empowering phases of your own life then book a session of Energetic Healing and I can show you how powerful and simple EFT is. Send an email to or call (02) 9389 0890 to book an appointment.


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