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Quercertin, a natural anti-histamine

Roughly 20% of the Australian population suffers from allergies, these can be caused by grasses, pollens, pollutants, molds and foods, to name a few. These allergens trigger an immune response within the body that causes IgE antibodies to attach to cells known as mast cells and basophils; they then release large amounts histamine, pro-inflammatory prostaglandins […]

Herbal Stress Busters

Mental and physical fatigue and general weariness resulting from stress are common symptoms in patients I see. Their busy, fast paced lives, often balancing work, study and parenting leave them exhausted and frustrated, with a lack of motivation and energy. In chronic stress – hormone balance, blood sugar metabolism and immune function are frequently impaired, […]

Winter and the importance of Vitamin D

With the days getting shorter and the need to dress more warmly as the temperature drops, many of us won’t be getting as much Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, proper muscle function and optimal immune functioning. Low Vitamin D may have a connection with Seasonal Affective Disorder, where […]

Is it time you saw your Kinesiologist?

The “5 Top signs” you should check in for an emotional health check up 1.     You’ve experienced the death or loss of a Relative or Friend.  Grief can manifest in many ways, it can be an experience that leaves us overwhelmed or almost numb.  The journey through this experience can be facilitated alone, but sometimes […]

The Flip Side of Stress

The kind of stress we so often hear about is the kind that makes your heart beat a little faster, gives you sweaty palms or makes your stomach flip. And, some say, stress leads to all kinds of illness and pain, structurally, biochemically and emotionally.   But is there a flip side to this kind […]

Three key tactics for helping manage anxiety

Anxiety is a word that gets bandied easily and often. And whilst ‘anxious’ is a feeling experienced by many of us at one point of another in relation to a worry we have, for some of us anxiety is a beast that can bring us to our knees. The Australian Bureau of Statistics noted in […]

What is Nia?

dance + martial arts + yoga + healing 6pm Tuesdays Mona Vale Health Space With joy and self-expression at its heart, the holistic movement practice of Nia puts enjoyment back into keeping fit and healthy. Nia is a hybrid of nine different movement techniques – essentially a cross between dance, martial arts and yoga – […]

Hip flexor Tendinopathy

The Psoas major muscle – a major hip flexor – attaches deep inside the front of the hip joint to the lesser trochanter (a bony prominence on the front of the femur). Psoas tendinopathy is the inflammation and partial tearing of the muscle’s tendinous attachment, which occurs when the tendon becomes irritated.  Hip flexor tendinopathy […]

Wondering what the Ketogenic diet is all about?

The Ketogenic diet was originally developed to treat epilepsy and got media’s attention for all the other health benefits it promoted. Those included: Improvements in body composition Better cognitive function Hormone regulation  Decrease in inflammation Improved sugar metabolism    Keto is a high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet and besides all the controversy […]

Chronic Back Pain? Help is at Hand

As part of Spinal Health Week 2017, all chiropractors at Health Space are raising awareness of chronic back pain and encouraging Australians to seek help. Spinal Health Week runs from 22 to 28 May and this year we are encouraging people to seek help for chronic back problems.  Chronic back pain is a national issue. […]

The Great Thirst

Many conditions/symptoms are often linked to dehydration, and the vast majority of people are dehydrated!  So, it’s no wonder that so many are suffering from various ailments. While we know it’s great to drink water, here are some of the reasons it’s also vital to keep ourselves well hydrated.  Water contributes to the maintenance of […]

What Is Yoga?

What Is Yoga? The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yujmeans to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. A male who practices yoga is called a yogi, a female practitioner, a yogini. The Indian sage Patanjali is believed to have collated the practice of yoga into the Yoga Sutra an estimated 2,000 […]

The Art of Forgiveness and its Benefits

How many times did you end up in an argument with your partner, a member of your family or someone at work and it didn’t resolve there and then? Have you ever noticed how strong you feel resentment towards someone, or even towards yourself even after a long period of time after the situation happened? […]

Cooking Class: Gut Healthy, Real Food Recipes

When Sunday, 26th March Time 3.30pm – 4.30pm Location Healthspace Kings Cross, 2/33 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point Price $10pp ?      Learn how to create your own super simple, 3-ingredient gut boosters at home! ?      Taste test our signature bone broth, gelatin fruity treats and fermented veggie recipes You’ve heard gut health is important, maybe you’re […]

Working on disempowering beliefs with the EFT technique

Working on disempowering beliefs with the EFT technique Have you ever wondered what do you really believe regarding yourself and how this affects your life on a daily basis? Have you ever thought about your beliefs in yourself, and how this affects your daily life? If you have ever caught yourself thinking along the lines […]

HOW TO: Warm Up

At Healthspace Clinics, many patients are referred for physiotherapy for having sustained some sort of injury from their competitive game over the weekend. Time and time again, I hear “I’m too stiff, it’s not like when I was a kid anymore”. As a Physiotherapist, one of the biggest questions I constantly get is – how […]

Shoulder injuries and rehabilitation

The shoulder complex is a ball and socket joint formed where the head of the humerus  meets the glenoid of the scapula. Also involved in the shoulder complex is the acromioclavicular joint (where the acromion meets the clavicle) the acromion and the coracoid process. There are several other important structures involved, these include: The labrum […]

Do you know what causes migraines? No??? You are not alone!

Worldwide, migraines affect nearly 15% of the population or approximately 1 billion people – with the highest percentage in Western countries and only slightly lower in Asia & African countries An early description consistent with migraines was found in the Ebers papyrus, written around 1500 BCE in ancient Egypt. In 200 BC, writings from the Hippocratic […]

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