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How to Sit Better

The research around the harmful impact that prolonged sitting has on health is getting scary, and while sitting can’t be avoided in many cases it can be managed better.

One of the ways you can manage sitting better, is where on the seat you are sitting. So… Sitting on the edge of your chair. Is that good or bad? I say it’s good – and here’s why:

Our intention with good sitting posture is to be in a ‘neutral’ position where there is the lowest amount of tension in muscles and lowest strain on joints.

If you have a great chair with an adjustable lumbar support that fills the ‘small of your lower back’ and feels supportive then that’s great. But IF you don’t (and you’re like many people with a poorly designed office chair, one that doesn’t adjust properly OR you can’t get a new one that does) then sitting on the edge or front part of the chair can help avoid slumping, and will tilt your pelvis forward and take the pressure off your lumbar spine, while also naturally helping you sit more upright with less strain on your neck and shoulders.

Notice in the photo that my feet are also flat on the floor and my hips and knees are at about 110 degrees (not 90). This helps to lessen the strain.

To optimise this position even more, get up every 30 MINUTES. Research shows moving every 30 minutes will make a significant difference in lessening the impact of sitting (on your body and your brain). Not every hour or more.

So if you want to move better, move more.

And smile more, it helps too!

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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