The Benefits of Energetic Healing

Heard about Energetic Healing before?

You might have heard about Energetic Healing, chakras, meditation and their increased popularity in our Western and modern society. Are you curious about it? Would you like to understand more about the world of energy and its benefit in our daily life? Then keep reading…

What is Energetic Healing?

“Everything is made of energy. This is the basic understanding that allows us to embrace reality as a whole. Being able to resonate with the natural flow of energy in our life allows us to live a life that fulfils our soul, guiding us toward our purpose”

Energetic Healing is a practice characterised by the treatment of the whole individual, taking into account physical, mental, emotional and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Is Energetic Healing for me?

Energetic Healing is for everyone who is willing to explore life and personal wellbeing as a whole. When we come to understand that our health and our body are affected also by our beliefs system, thoughts and emotions, then we start to work as a whole in order to restore the lost balance and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Stress and overwhelming emotions can often take the best of us leaving space for personal time and relaxation. When we are constantly “under the pump” our body deteriorates faster and diseases often arise.

Dis-ease means literally lack of ease, so we should aim to find a sense of ease in our body, when everything is working just fine and we feel healthy, but also that sense of emotional ease that allows us to flow through life without a dark cloud hanging over our head.

What do I have to do?

When you book a session of Energetic Healing, I will have an initial chat with you to explore your needs and your desired outcome. We will then together explore these topics, be they physical and/or emotional.

Energetic Healing encompass many different modalities from Chakra Balancing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Crystal Light Healing to Meditation; normally we choose one modality that we can work with first and often combine other techniques.

You will explore yourself as a complete system and not just a sum of parts; you will start to find connections between your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, and most important you will begin to understand what it means to feel in balance.

What are the benefits of an Energetic Healing session?

The most common feedback I received from clients is a general sense of relaxation and peacefulness straight after the session; a sense of relief is generated when our energy starts to move with its natural flow.

We will work together in order to restore and maintain that sense of balance. After the session has ended I will also provide you with suggestions that you can apply in your daily life.

Working with the entire energy field helps us to focus on the underlying cause of the die-ease more than just its symptoms, we start a process of transformation from the inside out that brings down our level of dis-ease and reminds us what really means to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Energetic Healing can assist with many issues including:

·      Physical Fatigue

·      Stress Management

·      Low Energy Levels

·      Dealing with Change

·      Loss of Personal Power and Inner Strength

My name is Luca and I am a practitioner at Health Space Surry Hills and Potts Point; if you want to explore your full energetic system, achieve balance or simply you are curious about Energetic Healing send an email to and we can arrange an appointment.

Luca Orlandi

Energetic Healer

Health Space Surry Hills & Potts Point

02 8354 1534

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