Health Space Icons: Anne Massey

Anne Massey, chiropractic and massage client at Health Space Kings Cross

At 65 years of age, Health Space Kings Cross client, Anne Massey, is an inspiration: not only is she training for her next marathon, she is Facetiming her grandchildren around the globe and managing the board of the Can Too Foundation. In fact, she ran her first half Ironman at the age of 60!

With the health of Australians declining in their senior years, how does this vital sexagenarian maintain her great health? Massage therapist Darrin Ball sits down (with a block of organic chocolate) to discuss Anne’s secrets to energy and vitality in her golden years.

Darrin: Let’s start by introducing yourself: who are you, where do you live and what do you do?

Anne: My name is Anne, I live in Rushcutters Bay and I chair the Can Too Foundation Board, which is a health and wellness charity that funds cancer research. I’ve also been a client of Health Space Kings Cross for a number of years – I see Darrin for massage, Stuart for acupuncture and Nick for chiropractic.

Darrin: What is your health like?

Anne: I have excellent health! Especially mental health, which we know exercise supports – I have a very positive attitude. I do have Raynauds Syndrome – which is an autoimmune condition.

Darrin: What kind of exercise events or activities do you participate in?

Anne: I’ve done approximately 25 half marathons, 8 duathlons, 8 sprint triathlons, 4 Olympic triathlons, 1 half Ironman (at the age of 60!), 1 endurance cycle event (162 km), 7 other cycle events, 5 full marathons and 10 ocean swims.

Darrin: Wow, you have done so many! Out of all those events or activities, what is your favourite exercise?

Anne: My favourite exercise is running.

Darrin: Have you ever faced any health challenges (aside from Raynaud’s Syndrome?)

Anne: I’ve had some challenges, some of which include a hip replacement, bunion surgery and a shoulder reconstruction. 

Darrin: What important health lessons do you live by?

Anne: Stay involved in the community you train with, which helps with injuries (especially throughout surgery and rehabilitation). Find hobbies you do while hanging out with friends and family, and surround yourself with people that believe in you, until you start to believe with yourself.

Darrin: What are your three keys to living in great health?

Anne: 1) Find a good network of health care. 2) Finding the right community to exercise with, mine is the Can Too community. 3) Listening to your body.

Darrin: Do you have have any milestones or events that are significant for you?

Anne: Yes! I learnt how to swim at the age of 57, and I only started running at 50. 

Darrin: How has your health choices influenced your family?

Anne: My family is definitely influenced: in my family, I have children who are double Ironman and also play basketball and soccer, and grandchildren who are triathletes, runners and swimmers. My son and daughter-in-laws also get involved and are runners, swimmers, cyclists and/or triathletes. 

Darrin: Do you have anything else you wish to add?

Anne: Yes – we would love to invite the Health Space community to get involved in Can Too Foundation events. We train individuals in events like marathons, fun runs, trial runs and ocean events, with fundraising going to cancer research. There are many ways to get involved, through training with us, coaching, volunteering, financial support and more! Find out more at

Health Space would like to thank Anne for giving up her time to inspire us with her hobbies, pursuits and health! Thank you!

This interview is a part of a series for Spinal Health Week’s #ReadyForLife campaign: maintaining your health for all your life! Find out more here.

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