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Two Tips To Staying Healthy With Physiotherapist Sam

For this months newsletter, I wanted to share a couple of gems that will keep you staying healthy all year round. One you probably already know, and the other you probably don’t.

1. Work on gentle mobility exercises

Moving a little (= quality) a lot (= frequency) is key to moving more safely and feeling more energetic! Do lots of small exercises very often, instead of big exercises on occasion.

‘Motion is lotion’, that’s a little gem that I say to the majority of my clients when explaining exercise therapy prescription. Movement works on so many levels for the general health of our physical body, as the body is highly responsive to any forces that you provide. By moving in a challenging way often, the body quickly learns to adapt and become more efficient. The more we move the more ATP (energy molecules) are utilised by our body, so moving in little ways often is a sure way of naturally energising our bodies!

Dear readers, I want you to really try moving, stretching, rolling every hour or so, especially if you are sitting down for the majority of your working day.

In the image header (above) there are a few gentle mobility exercises to try, make them a habit to do first thing in the morning and they will become easier to do throughout the day. Also notice how your energy levels are more sustained throughout the day as well!

2. Stretching improves balance!

Another product of humble old stretching is balance. We know that in general, flexibility improves balance, however a recent study has shown that by simply stretching your hamstring muscles and your thighs, balance can improve significantly almost straight away!

So by doing some gentle stretching daily you can not only decrease rates of injury and improve energy levels, you can improve your balance!

The exercises shown in the images above (swipe to the right and left to see) are effective and gentle exercises you can do at home, but if you are worried about any existing injury whilst trying to integrate the exercises into your daily routine, then don’t hesitate to see a physiotherapist for an individualised and safe exercise prescription.

Physiotherapy is offered at Health Space Kings Cross, Rozelle and Redfern. To get in contact or to make a booking, call 02 8354 1534.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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