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lean bean fitness

What can women expect from a session at Lean Bean?

A session at Lean Bean is a fun, energetic and sweat-inducing workout. We have a wide range of class styles (Barre, Strength and HIIT to name a few) – however you can ALWAYS expect high energy, constant movement, and at least a few ‘I am dying’ moments. We love our girls to leave with a smile, feeling energised, and with a burn in all the right places – arms, abs and ass.

Tell us a little about the Retreat you will be holding?

Our upcoming retreat is happening Friday 2/11 – Sunday 4/11 down in the beautiful Southern Highlands. We stay in a big, sunlit farm house that overlooks the hills, and backs onto a spacious garden and pool area. The weekend involves plenty of opportunities to get active – with Lean Bean workouts and a hike through the national park – as well as time to relax and wind down, with reading, swims, and specialised treatments (from Health Space’s very own Lydia Feng) on the agenda. The weekend is also catered by Brown Paper Eats – so there is plenty of tasty food to nurture the body and soul – that you wont have to lift a finger for.  More information available here.

How can women benefit from regular exercise?

Whether you love your weights, yoga classes, or a run along the beach, exercise helps both the body and mind the mind in a variety of ways. Physically, exercise strengthens your bones and muscles (vital for women as we age), helps to keep your weight in check, and can reduce your risk of developing serious health issues. Mentally, exercise can also make you happier (exercise produces endorphins, which make us feel good), increase memory and brain health, improve confidence and self belief, and assist with sleep. In summary – get moving in some way, everyday.

What makes Lean Bean stand out from other Fitness studios?

Lean Bean classes are one of  kind, in that we fuse together a range of fitness styles to produce workouts designed perfectly for the female body. All classes are individually choreographed in way that you flow in a continuous movement from one exercise to the next. We constantly try to bring fresh exercises, fun playlists and friendly people into our space. Our community of ‘Beans’ are our biggest achievement, as they are all relaxed, friendly and likeminded – so you feel like you are working you with a bunch of your best friends!

Author: Kate George

Kate is the General Manager of Health Space clinics group and has a Bachelors Degree in Complementary Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health.

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