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Interview with Fitness Culture

Interview with Fitness Culture

What drove you to start Fitness Culture?
After many years in fitness industry working at some of the biggest name gyms it became very clear that many clients needs were not being met. Personal training lacked that ‘personal’ feel & most trainers were unfortunately more of a paid friend than a trainer. The old school idea of just paying someone for 60mins of their time doesn’t cut it anymore as the industry is more competitive – ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough anymore. We designed Fitness Culture to exceed expectations in exercise, nutrition & mindset training.

Who is your ideal member and why?
Anyone looking to improve them self both mentally and physically. When you do it properly & holistically you can’t have one without the other.

What is your training method and why do you use it?
The Fitness Culture philosophy incorporates a balanced approach to health, shape & performance. With over a decade in the industry & success with hundreds of clients it’s become increasingly clear that you can have one without the others. In order for any results to be sustainable you have to be in great shape, feeling energised & moving well.

What are your 3 best health tips?
Health – Create the right sleep environment. 8pm should mean wifi off, no screens & lights dimmed. The sun goes down for a reason 😉

Shape – Include protein, veggies & omega 3 fats in every meal. This will keep your meals high in nutrients & low in calories.

Performance – Practice a consistent program of strength & mobilisation. Aim for progression with lifting weights, repeating the same exercises for at least 8 weeks working on improving technique & increasing the resistance. Complement with foam rolling & stretching to continue moving well & creating balance in your body.

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