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Healing The Heart – You Are The Colours You Choose

Healing the heart

We all know that the quality of our life is an ensemble of elements: from our career to our relationships, family matters, or self-care routines. We all understand that wellbeing sits somewhere in between the balance of these elements, and we all probably have a friend who seems to have this down pat? Exercise, playtime and work are a seamless dance, and it all seems too good to be true. Let’s face it – it probably is too good to be true!

The truth is that perfection is a myth despite what social media might lead you to believe. There is no one size fits all approach to finding this balance, as health, happiness and healing is something that comes from within. It is influenced by so many layers of culture, context and a continually shifting world around us. The idea of failure is often frowned upon (especially when we judge ourselves), yet it is often the one thing that can catalyse the pursuit of happiness in our lives. It seems that we all need just a little more love and a more realistic starting point.

So where do we start? As a healer, crystal worker and Aura-Soma practitioner, I have worked with hundreds of clients, and what I have discovered is that achieving a state of happiness comes down to two factors. Know yourself and healing your heart. This seems so simple, yet the practical application of heart healing is profound. After all, we have all had experiences that have left us scarred. The loss of life, the breakdown of a relationship or a loss of connection within ourselves. The burning question – How do we heal these heart scars to become ‘unhurt’?

It can seem like hard work to look at these heart held grievances, but what I know is this. Healing the relationship to self – and healing the heart – is the key to an authentic and deeply connected sense of well being and wholeness. It does ask us to look within, but in doing so, we can tap into our soul, our higher self, and the internal compass that is there to guide us towards healing.

So where do we begin in healing the heart? It is essential to understand that within the human energy field, the heart is literally at the centre of who we are. It connects our physical energy with our spiritual energy, and it balances our yin (feminine energy) and our yang (masculine energy). It is often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ as all of the colours in the aura can connect and balance, igniting healing via the heart chakra. This is why understanding colour and light is significant to heart healing.

As the saying goes ‘the eyes are the windows of the soul’. We know this to be true when we see the gaze in a lover’s eyes, or we experience the profound connection that can happen when two people look at each other in silence. We can also experience the energy of the heart through our minds’ eyes. Our eyes enable us to experience the rainbow bridge that brings about healing.

So what is the role of colour? Colours and light represent the language of the soul. The spoken word will often reflect this when we talk about ‘feeling blue’ or being ‘green with envy’. Human beings will naturally tune into the frequency of colour by wearing specific clothing or being drawn towards a particular artwork or room. As the saying goes ‘You are the colours you choose’, and the colours you choose often determine what you need to heal your heart.

I ‘met’ the Aura-Soma system almost 13 years ago. Aura‑Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality, and support you to reach your full potential. Created using the highest quality organic and biodynamic ingredients, the collection includes over 200 colour combinations. Together each bottle literally creates a rainbow bridge to healing.

While the collection is beautiful to look at, the best way for you to experience Aura-Soma is to connect with the energy of the colours yourself. The Aura-Soma system is known to be self-selective and non-intrusive. You intuitively pick the colours by selecting the Equilibrium bottles with their dual colour combination. As your practitioner, I will be there holding space, asking questions, and translating the meaning behind each bottle. If you resonate with this healing process, you may also choose to take the selected bottle home, weaving the use of Aura-Soma into your daily healing practice.

If you are someone who is seeking out balance, wellness, or a practical and hands-on approach to personal or spiritual development, a good dose of colour might be precisely what you need to help your heart to bloom.

If you would like to accept this special invitation, simply send an email to or call 02 9167 9678 to find the best time and day for you.

Much Love and Light xxx


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