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Bone Broth

bone broth

Bone broth has a variety of nutrients that act to soothe and repair the lining of the small intestine along with many more healthy benefits. You can think of it as nature’s multivitamin, its packed with:

  • Over 19 easy-to-absorb, essential and non-essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) eg glutamine which helps repair the walls of your intestines
  • Collagen/gelatin, which help form connective tissue. Studies show that gelatin is beneficial for restoring strength of the gut lining and fighting food sensitivities (such as to wheat or dairy),
  • Nutrients that support digestive functions, immunity and brain health
  • Contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine the compounds sold as pricey supplements to reduce inflammation, arthritis and joint pain.

It’s also relatively low in calories yet very high in minerals and other chemical compounds that many people are lacking. There’s no doubt that bone broth makes a great everyday addition to your diet.

Health benefits of Bone Broth

  • Heals leaky gut
  • Helps your liver detox
  • Reduces inflamation
  • Help joint and muscle pain
  • Fights infections
  • Increases mineral consumption
  • Helps digestion
  • Smooths skin
  • Helps repair and grow bones
  • Promotes good sleep

 So how do you make it ?

Bone broth can be made from any animal with bones – I like chicken and beef. Remember for chicken always organic, beef ideally organic, but can use grass feed. I place mine in a slow cooker add one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar which helps to draw out the nutrients and add some vegetables (onion, black peppercorns, carrots, celery) and fill with filtered water and put on slow for 12 – 24 hours. The longer you simmer the bones and animal parts the more mineral and collagen-rich the broth becomes. A good sign you’ve done a good job of this is if the broth gels upon cooling, the broth should jiggle like Jello-O. That means you’ve extracted the gelatin (which is basically cooked collagen) from the bones and animal parts. Store in the fridge and freeze what you won’t use in the following days. .

How to use it ?

Ideally drink two cups a day, you can add spice and flavouring. I usually use it to make stews, sauces and I cook my rice, quinoa, etc in it (absorption method),

A word of caution

Unfortunately, bone broth is bad for people who are sensitivity to glutamates and histamines. One solution is too cook the bones for a shorter time, It may not be as nutrient-dense but its easily digestible, gut soothing qualities still remain. [For poultry, a good simmer time is 1-3 hours. For beef, lamb and bison, shoot for 2-4 hours].

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