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Why do Athletes use Chiropractors? – Health Space Blog

"If it were not for Chiropractic, I would not have won the gold medal."

Dan O'Brien, Olympic Gold Medalist Decathlete

Why do Athletes use Chiropractors?

Many people realize that chiropractic is important in helping athletes recover more quickly from injury and that it also helps many athletes in injury prevention. However the major reason that elite athletes get chiropractic care is for increased performance. Famous sports people who advocated chiropractic include Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Brock, Lance Armstrong, Evander Holyfield and Joe Montana.

I think Dan O'Brien, Olympic Gold Medalist Decathlete sums it up best:

"If it were not for Chiropractic, I would not have won the gold medal."

You obviously cannot compete at your fullest if you're not in alignment. And your body can't heal if your back is not in alignment. It was the holistic idea that I liked about chiropractic and that is what track and field is about. Every track and field athlete that I have ever met has seen a chiropractor at one time or another. In track and field, it is absolutely essential. Chiropractic care is one of the things I think that no one has denied or refuted.

How does Chiropractic care contribute to better Athletic Performance/Reduction in Injuries?

Chiropractic is based on the fact that every part of the body requires a proper nerve message from the brain to function properly and to its full potential. Chiropractic checks the body for any possible interference to correct nerve messages. Interference  can result from misalignments in the body which affect the nerves along their path. These misalignments can be of the spine, pelvis or other joints of the body or may also be due to different muscle tightness and imbalance. The end result is that if misalignments impeding correct nerve transmission are present then the body will not be performing to its true potential. Is it a 10%, 30%, 50% decrease in potential? It depends to the extent of nerve impediment. The flip side is that if the body is aligned properly and receiving full nerve firing to all parts then it can reach it full potential.

Do the Health Space clinics work with Athletes?

Healthspace are the official health and rehab team for a number of Sydney sporting clubs including the Dunbar Rovers Football Club, Balmain Tigers Soccer Club, Asquith Soccer Club and also work with local runners, swimmers and triathletes. We also work with many local personal trainers to help people of all ages and from all walks of life fast track their health and exercise changes.

Do you want to improve your athleting performance? Drop by the clinic for a consult.

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Author: Kate Wood

Kate has represented Australia as an 800m runner, winning five Australian titles and competing on the international stage. She also lectured track & field at the Australian College of Physical Education. After being forced into an early retirement due to injury, Kate turned to helping others with their health and wellness, with a special focus on families, pre-conception, pregnancy and paediatrics.

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