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Survival in modern day life-Practical Tools

Survival in modern day life-Practical Tools

Life seems to be moving at an accelerated pace in modern times. We seem to have more demands placed on us, deadlines, endless goals to achieve, constant striving and projections into the future about how we aspire our lives to be.

The discourse about the need for constant expansion in the societal and economic landscapes seems to permeate with unrelenting pace.
How many times have we heard about the impeding doom of a recession, black listed as the dread of growth and progress in a so called “civilised world.
However, when we look at the rhythm of nature, growth and retraction is an innate apart of our existence. You only have to observe the anatomy of the lungs to know that expansion and retraction are apart of one function that gives us the breath of life. Which then raises the question: how can we possibly expand without retracting in?

Our modern day survival lies in the ability to stop and go within. It may be time to switch off the auto-pilot mode that has turned us into doing and achieving machines and instead go deep within so that we can realign, replenish and connect back to our original source. This doesn’t mean retreating into a cave and disconnecting from life. We have all the tools we require at our disposition, even in an urban setting. Here are a few examples on how to survive and thrive in our modern day world:

1. Daily Practice of Yoga, a work out for some and work in for others, or perhaps both. Yoga derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj, meaning to ‘yoke”, is an ancient practice that allows us to unify body mind and spirit, so often disjointed in modern times. Through an intelligent sequence of movements and synergistic breathing, yoga is a deep and transformative practice that sheds the veil of the dominant ego, allowing us to see ourselves from the inside and connect back to our own unique truth. Commitment to a regular practice will invariably make space for momentous shifts in perspectives and ultimately contribute to expansion that goes way beyond oneself. Add serenity and reductions in cortisol to the mix and you are onto a winner here.

2. Take Time Out from Social Media: although social media is a great tool that has allowed us to connect with a larger population and has enabled the propagation of information far and wide, we need to ask ourselves is this information of value to me, how accurate is it and what impact is it having on my mental health? Never forget that just like the news you are only seeing what people want you to see. Other people’s truth and versions of happiness may not be yours. Over identifying with other peoples lives can lead to discontentment and a constant feeling of lack. Hence why it is so important to disconnect from the deluge of information and connect back to your own unique truth. Your life is happening here and now and not by vicariously living through the veneer of a sometimes carefully crafted version of someone else’s reality.

3. Practice Gratitude: we may not realise it at times but there is so much to be grateful for. If we are not grateful for what we have, what makes us think if we have more we will be happier? Happiness is synonymous with gratitude. The simple act of breathing is something to be grateful for. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own worlds and become insular. Compassionate acts of kindness such as volunteering for a homeless shelter may help you to understand the plight of the less fortunate and see how even they can be grateful for the smallest of things such as shelter on a cold winters night.

4. Self care- love thyself- you only have one body in this lifetime, hopefully you can cherish it by being kind to yourself.

6 Simple things you can do maintain health and practice self-care:

  1. Let food be thy medicine- nourish your body with wholesome, untainted food.
  2. Drink clean filtered water – our bodies are 70% to 80% water, it is the ultimate source of life
  3. Spend time in nature and bask in the healing power of nature’s sun rays
  4. Chose a form of exercise that is right for you: let it replenish you, not deplete you
  5. STOP, REVIVE, SURVIVE ,THRIVE and journey within- practice
  6. Self- compassion and recognise when its time to rest.

You are enough and you have done enough.

If you are still struggling and require added support in achieving your wellness goals, please consult our compassionate and professional naturopaths at Health Space. We offer personalised healthcare that addresses the root cause, enabling long-term health solutions that nourish body, mind and soul back to greater vitality.

Sending blessings and eternal light!

Yours in health,
Health Space Kings Cross

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