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Just For One Week…

Scientific studies show that we have around 60000 thoughts every day. Only 3% of those thoughts are positive, 97% are – not so positive. Why is that so? Seems we are prisoners of our own brains.

In an analysis conducted by A. Heimsroth, a german Psychotherapist, it was evident that when we write down our thoughts there is only a very small portion of positives we write down. E.g. we would say “it wasn’t bad” instead of saying “it was good”. Thoughts and psycho hygiene are important for our emotional and physical stability and health as thoughts create our reality. They determine our actions, out actions determine our behaviour and our behaviours shape our life. And when we stay in our rather negative thoughts and dealings we have a negative influence on our surroundings. When we learn to control our thoughts and turn them into positive ones more often we can experience that we will develop more joy, self-esteem and in the end self love. Negative thoughts will hinder us from achieving and will keep us in believing that we are not worthy, not able and will block any positive development.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we should not have any negative thoughts anymore, we should not feel sadness  or disappointment, what I am saying is that we need to be more vigilant about our thoughts and find out when we can turn them into positive ones rather than staying in the negative all the time.

Most of us know these theories as in the past decades we have again and again been bombarded with literature, seminars, circles for positive thinking and Mindfulness. Yet often it all seems so overwhelming and it sounds like we have to change our whole life and everything with it in order to get to that point of complete Omm. Too much, we stay where we are and keep living the way we live.

I am here to tell you that that is really not the case. I want to challenge you to just for 1 week try as often as possible to catch yourself when you are thinking in a negative way. Stop yourself and turn your thought around. It is sometimes as easy as the glass is half full or the glass is half empty. Just one word in your thought can change the quality.

And when you add a thought of gratefulness in those moments of thought change it becomes even more powerful. And again it doesn’t have to be anything big, just something like “I am grateful I can walk, breathe, see the sun etc.”

Really try it for 1 week and see what differences you can experience.

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