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Intravenous Vitamin C


Vitamin C can be used to treat many types of chronic and acute illnesses/diseases including the following:

• chronic fatigue

• lyme disease

• chronic depression

• acute or chronic muscle spasm

• fibromyalgia

• migraine headaches

• tensions headaches

• nicotine withdrawal

• allergies

• respiratory and cardiac illness/disease

• acute infection

• acute viral illness

• decreased immunity due to busy lifestyle

• increased immunity during some cancer treatments (discuss with RN)

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, potential antibiotic, and is essential for the proper function of all aspects of the immune system.  Vitamin C is also involved with the ageing process as it is essential for the production of collagen formation.  This amazing vitamin also helps to detoxify our bodies and normalises our adrenal glands which can become stressed when we are overworked or under emotional stress.  

The benefit of intravenous Vitamin C is that your body is able to withstand much higher doses than if taken orally.  When you take large doses of vitamin C  by mouth you can increase voiding and bowel habits. The Vitamin C is not absorbed by the cells effectively.  By infusing large amounts of Vitamin C your cells take in larger amounts and are able to tolerate this.  This increased level of Vitamin C can then kill viruses, support the immune system, detoxify the body, treat allergies, acute and chronic poisoning, and assist with degenerative diseases.  

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