Interview with Trunk Studios

Interview with Trunk Studios

Tell us about yourself and who you are

My name is Rima, I am the owner of TrunkStudios ® in Dulwich Hill.

What is TrunkStudios ® ?

We are a Yoga, Pilates and Barre studio.

What made you get into the health industry?

I was previously working as a lawyer and number of corporate roles, but outside of work I always strongly driven to aspects of health. I used to research for hours on end about exercise, body composition and nutrition. That was my happy place to relax. When I turned 30, my previous relationship broke down because of my excessive workload and other circumstances. This was the time I realised I needed a life change. I always loved the health industry and wanted to focus on the positive aspects of it like correct movement, alignment and offering a more personalised experience in exercise. In my classes I work on educating clients of the importance and safety of essential techniques, as well as identifying what muscles are working in certain movements. I personally think there is so much unnecessary noise in the health and fitness industry, I want to change that. I think everybody comes in different shapes and sizes and they are beautiful! I am focused on our clients feeling happy and included.

Describe your/the studios’/your team’s’ approach health and fitness.

We are trying to keep it simple! No fluff or jargon. We try to promote an inclusive environment; I love good banter and jokes during classes. We have the most amazing clients that are always so chatty to new members and really make everyone feel included.

My team and I are experienced in training our clients in posture, technique and strength. When I correct or adjust clients, I will explain why I want them to move a certain way. I want to make sure we educate them; so going forward they have an understanding of each and every movement. I do this to ensure their have a better body awareness, even when they move outside of the studio; i.e. running, swimming or even sitting at their desks. Clients appreciate the attention we try to give to each individual and I believe that is why they come back.

Personally, I also like to kick some butt. I try to push my clients that little bit harder so they don’t get complacent and see continuous improvement.

Tell us about the new classes/events at Trunk

We are always looking out for new things to bring to our studio. We recently added a crèche (child supervision) for some of our daytime classes. Some parents have a really hard time to be able to exercise, so I wanted to do something to make it possible. We are also adding some Kids Yoga workshops to our studio and regular meditation classes.

What is your best health tip?

Everything in moderation. I believe that everything has to be balanced to be sustainable in the long-term. Your diet, exercise, work-life balance. Take regular short breaks to recharge and assess your life. I call these mini health checks, they’re to ensure you are still on the path you want to be on. Our mental health is so incredibly important for our general wellbeing.

Trunk Studios is located at 404 New Canterbury Road Dulwich Hill. They have classes daily. Take advantage of their introductory offer of $39 for two weeks of unlimited classes. You can check their timetable on their website:

Author: Sarah Gunther

Sarah Gunther is a qualified clinical Nutritionist at Health Space Newtown. She is passionate about the way inflammation is expressed in the body and likes to help patients in the management of inflammatory conditions. Is inflammation affecting you?

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