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Ho, Ho, Ho, Ham, Ham, Ham

Ho, Ho, Ho, Ham, Ham, Ham

To help you forgive your guilty pleasures of feasting during Christmas time, Health Space Rozelle Nutritionist Jan Denecke will shine a light on the nutritional value of our Christmas ham.

Most Australians celebrate Christmas traditionally with a home cooked ham. Pork as an animal source offers lots of nutrients that can benefit your health.

  • Pork contains amino acids that support your nervous system, bone and muscle health, immune function, metabolism and mood.
  • Pork is a good source of thiamine (vitamin B₁). Thiamine is involved in energy production, proper digestion, and the nervous system.
  • Pork is rich in iron. Iron is important for energy and immunity.
  • Pork is one of the best sources of zinc. Zinc is an important mineral for a healthy immune system. It is also important in reproduction and protects against tissue damage as a result of oxidative stress.

The Salty Pleasure

Moderation is the key with anything you eat. Pork is naturally high in sodium and saturated fats which can affect cardiovascular health. Decorate your Christmas table with lots of colourful vegetables and fruits that are rich in magnesium, potassium and fibre such as legumes, leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, and broccoli), carrots, fresh apricots, nuts, sweet potato mash and drink at least 2.5 litre of water during the day. To reduce fat intake, eat the leaner parts of the ham. A healthy portion of ham should be between 100-125 grams. Now let the feasting begin!

Jan Denecke is a Nutritionist a Health Space Rozelle. 

Author: Jan Denecke

Jan has been working as nutritionist since 2015, with over 3 years at the gastroenterology department at Macquarie University Hospital. Jan has a keen interest in in gut health, weight management, (auto)immunity and hormonal health. He has successfully supported clients with IBD (Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis), Coeliac disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, leaky gut, weight loss, diabetes, fatty liver disease, hormonal imbalances, autoimmunity and sports performance. Jan believes there are no set solutions for achieving a healthier you. He helps to create a treatment plan that is unique and personalised to your health. Jan is also a senior yoga and meditation teacher at Egg of the Universe.

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