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Have I got Tennis Elbow? I don’t play tennis?! | I don’t play tennis?! | Have I got Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is an inflammation or degeneration of muscles in the forearm that allow you to bend your wrist back. It causes pain in the outside of the elbow and can radiate down to the wrist, which may worsen with particular wrist movements. 

Tennis elbow can come on from a recent change in workload, an overloading of wrist activity or a change in use of racquets, tools or equipment. 

I think this sounds like what I have… What now?!

Firstly, avoid painful activities when possible! Because your tendons are in a state of degenerative inflammation, rest is an essential first step to beating tennis elbow once and for all. 

Ice after work, sport or any aggravating activities for 15-20 mins (use an ice pack or frozen food packet but remember to use a towel in between)

Carry your equipment, tools or bags with the palm facing up to the sky and elbow slightly bent – this will offload the tendon by using the muscles that counteract the problematic ones. 

Seek treatment from a practitioner, such as a physiotherapist to begin the rehabilitation process (an evidence based rehab program is the best way to avoid re-injury and is far more therapeutic than just rest.

Leaving Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylalgia) behind…

When you see a practitioner they will confirm a diagnosis and put you on the right treatment path with expert advice and opinion. Doing this will allow the most safe and effective way for leaving tennis elbow behind once and for all! 

An effective treatment for tennis elbow usually involves soft tissue and joint mobilisations, strapping/bracing and a tailored rehab program.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Sam Mullany is a physiotherapist at the Rozelle and Kings Cross clinics.

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