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Frozen Shoulder


Having unexplained shoulder pain and stiffness? Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a common condition of the shoulder categorized by spontaneous gradual shoulder pain that leads to increased stiffness and loss of motion.  The whole condition usually takes up to 18-24 months, whereby there are 3 stages:

  1. Acute freezing stage: High levels of discomfort and pain at end ranges, limited movement (4-8 months)
  2. Frozen stage: Significant loss of movement with minimal pain (6-8months)
  3. Thawing stage: Painless loss of movement which improves by remodelling (8-9months)

Although healing does take time, studies have found at stages 2 & 3 therapeutic exercises and mobilizations are “strongly recommended” for reducing pain, improving movement and function. Acupuncture/ dry needling and heat are also found to be helpful in this condition. People in the 40-65-age mark are most likely to get the condition with a preference on the ladies. So if you’re feeling unexplained stiffness and pain in either shoulder, come in for a check-up!

Thomas is a Chiropractor at Health Space Sydney CBD and Potts Point. He individualizes treatments to all patients and has a passion to helping individuals achieve pain free lives and long-term health. From sports injuries to back pain, Thomas is dedicated to help individuals achieve a healthier future. 

TK Jain, NK Sharma, The effectiveness of physiotherapeutic interventions in treatment of frozen shoulder/ adhesive capsulitis: A systematic review, J Bck Msk rehab, 2014, 27, pg 247-273

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