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Colour – Not Just For Fun – Health Space Clinics

Often my clients tell me when they have their eyes closed and I am holding acupressure points that they see colours. I LOVE hearing this. To me it means they are healing themselves.

Colours have an amazing ability to show how we are feeling, that is if you are sad you will generally wear darker coloured clothes and if you are happy you may be drawn to brightly coloured flowers. Each colour also has a frequency, similar to noise, colour has a vibration that our eyes recognize.  It is in this frequency or vibration that the colour can impact on our physical bodies and produce a healing affect.

So here is a little information about the properties of colour. The reds, oranges and yellows are for warming, energizing and activating, while the green, blues and violets are for cooling and calming. If you are feeling stressed try and wear a top that is a colour that will help calm you, maybe green, blue or green, or if you feel tired at work, take 2 minutes to imagine red, orange or yellow to help energize you. The uses are endless, please go and play with colour and see how it makes you feel! 

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