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Alternative Pre & Post ACL Operation Care; Quicker Recovery and More Strength Naturally

Alternative Pre & Post ACL Operation Care

A torn ACL normally involves medical intervention in the form of key-hole surgery to reattach the damaged ligament, in the time prior to surgery, many patients are encouraged to “pre-hab” their injured leg. When the knee is injured, the quadriceps muscle tends to weaken almost immediately, and it is important to minimise any loss in strength and range of motion in the knee. Similarly, with postoperative rehabilitation a major part in the later stages of rehabilitation is to increase strength and agility while maintaining range of motion to ensure a complete recovery

Clients of Mike have seen the benefits of pre and post-operative care for a torn ACL, through his specialised care Mike is able to apply passive and involuntary muscle action to each group of muscles in the leg, for up to four weeks prior to surgery to minimise any loss of strength. In the rehabilitation stage once the cast has been removed Mike is able to help reverse the negative immobilisation affects caused by the cast. Mike works alongside Physiotherapists and Surgeons’

In the case of a torn ACL as well as rotator cuff injuries Mike is able to enhance both pre and post-operative care by maintaining good conditioning in the surrounding supportive muscles to assist the damaged muscle(s) to promote a stronger and quicker recovery. Many clients as well as supporting physiotherapists and surgeons note a much quicker recover time than originally envisaged with the support of Mike’s treatments.

Mike Daly is a qualified SCENAR and Sports Therapist available three days a week at Health Space Oatley, to contact Health Space Oatley or for any further enquires please call 9579 5100

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