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Stress Managment

How to manage stress

4 Simple Stress Management Tips

For a happier and healthier life

Stress and associated hormones used to be a really useful tool back in simpler and more primitive times. Hunger hormones drove us to hunt and gather, adrenaline and cortisol helped us in “fight or flight” situations, and melatonin helped us get a good night’s sleep.

Now your hunger hormones are out of whack because there is an abundance of food that is easily accessible and highly processed. Even if you’re eating whole foods, it’s not as though you’ve gathered nuts, fruits and vegetables yourself, or hunted and dressed your own beef. At work, you’ve got needy clients, inconsiderate colleagues, demanding bosses, and family and financial stresses at home that trigger constant “micro-stresses” throughout the days, weeks and months.

Once you’ve gotten home after sunset, the lights are on in the house, you’re unwinding by watching some kind of screen – TV, computer, tablet, or phone. Your eyes are bombarded with signals that keep the brain active, so it takes you ages to get to sleep.

Getting your body out of the Sympathetic  or “flight or fight” state, of the nervous system is crucial for your body and mind. The Para-Sympathetic state is also known as “rest and digest”, and requires some simple stress management techniques.

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Before Alan became a highly qualified Health and Fitness Coach, he spent 10 years in finance and corporate life. This makes him the perfect expert in how to balance looking after yourself with a busy and stressful lifestyle. He has been receiving treatment from Dr Alex Hopwood at the Kings Cross clinic, and recommends his friendly and professional service.

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Author: Kate George

Kate is the General Manager of Health Space clinics group and has a Bachelors Degree in Complementary Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health.

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