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SQUAD with Fitness First Mona Vale

SQUAD with Fitness First Mona Vale

Dr Henry Mikkelsen from Health Space Mona Vale fitness first caught up with PT Elad to get the latest on their health and fitness programme SQUAD.

What is Squad?

Squad is Fitness First’s member challenge, run over 6 weeks with the members choice of either SQUAD transformation or SQUAD High Performance streams. Members will get access to; workout advice and workout videos, a nutritional plan, fitness expert tips, nutrition expert tips, SQUAD workouts in your club and SQUADSOCIAL. The SQUAD transformation stream is aimed towards supporting weight loss and will introduce high quality movement and assist in building lean muscle. The SQUAD High Performance stream is more targeted towards those who are looking to take their current training and fitness regimes to the next level, with an emphasis on strength, power, speed agility and mobility.

What can members expect from this programme?

Members can expect a flexible and affordable program with all the above included. The workout advice and workout videos are sent weekly and tailored to the chosen stream, as is the members nutritional plan. They will also receive fitness expert tips in the form of motivation and planning, science behind working out in groups and mindfulness and meditation, as well as be able to take part in SQUAD workout sessions organised by the Personal Training or Fitness Manager in their club. There is also the SQUADSOCIAL event, which will aim to bring all SQUAD participants together and workout.

What is the length and cost of the programme?

The program is run over 6 weeks and is an all-inclusive cost of $99. There is also an option to add on two 1:1 PT sessions for $80, giving a total of $179. The current SQUAD challenge is running from the 25th of February, with the next session starting in June.

How does it differ from other programmes?

The SQUAD programme differs as it incorporates all these elements into an online programme giving members the flexibility of choosing when they need to work out, whilst still having a good structure in place to follow.

What advice do you get around nutrition?

Participants will receive a nutritional plan tailored to their chosen stream, as well as some really useful expert tips like preparing your pantry and how what you eat affects your workouts.

PT Elad from Fitness First Mona Vale

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