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Soccer and Low Back Pain – The Clues to Look Out For

Soccer and Low Back Pain – The Clues to Look Out For

Dr Callum Forrest (Chiropractor) from our Rozelle and Newtown clinics has worked with top flight Soccer players in the UK and here in Sydney. He shares his insights in how to prevent low back pain and enjoy a great season.

The evenings are darker, the temperature has dropped and Soccer boot sales have gone through the roof – it must mean only one thing – the soccer season is upon us. This is also the time that we the Chiropractic team at health space see a spike in back related injuries in the clinic.  What many people don’t realise is that the vast majority of these soccer related back injuries are preventable.

The spine is a complex piece of anatomy that has numerous soft tissues that provide support and stability. Rarely do these fail ‘out of the blue’ leading to low back pain. Instead the spine will be overloaded over time leading to an eventual failure of one of the tissues. The good news is the spine has a tendency to leave a few subtle clues on the lead up to one of these episodes of back pain.

Here are 3 clues to look out for that could help prevent an episode of back pain before the physical stresses of soccer kick in.

Back Stiffness on Waking

If you’re waking morning after morning with a stiff back that takes time to loosen then your back muscles are being overworked. Simply put this means that they have been unable to effectively deal with the demands of the previous day. This, over time, will lead to an “out of the blue” episode if not managed correctly.

Tight Hips

The hips are a mobile ball and socket joint. They help reduce the twist and rotational forces exerted on the spine during actions like tackling, diving, turning and kicking a soccer ball. Tight hip flexors and groin muscles are a sign your hips are not moving effectively.

Previous Episodes of Back Pain

If you have suffered from previous episodes of back pain that have not been addressed before then the likelihood of another episode increases drastically. This is especially true if the episode was noticed after soccer or sport in general.

If you recognise on or more of these clues or have any concerns make sure to bring it up with your Chiropractor at your next appointment.

If you’ve never seen one of our Chiropractors and would like to make an appointment then give us a call on 9810 8769 for an initial consultation. Plus if you’re a member of a local Soccer team then you’re first visit is on us!

Author: Callum Forrest

Dr Callum Forrest gained his Chiropractic qualification from the world renown AECC University in the UK. After practicing for 2 years in the UK he moved to Sydney with his wife to practice in a country that has a strong reputation for multi-disciplinary health care. Callum has worked with top flight Soccer and Rugby players as well as amateur athletes. His approach is evidence based, patient centred and pragmatic looking for the underlying biomechanical issues with every client. This has allowed him to build strong relationships with local GP’s and health care providers.

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