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Meet Clinical Nutritionist Tamika

Clinical Nutritionist Sydney

What made you chose nutrition as your career?

For seven years I struggled with chronic hormonal imbalances and severe digestive issues. I saw over 20 different practitioners with very little changes to my symptoms. It wasn’t until I addressed my diet with the help of a holistic practitioner that I finally saw changes to my health. At the time I was beginning my career in teaching, but was so inspired by the changes I saw in my own health that I had to share this knowledge with others, so enrolled in Nutritional Medicine.

What makes the way you see clients unique?

After years of struggling with hormonal imbalances, I have a strong passion for women’s health. Along with my Nutrition degree, I am also a trained Fertility Awareness Educator. This means I teach women (and their partners) to chart their menstrual cycles to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally. I believe that women have an extraordinary window in to their overall health: their menstrual cycle. Each month, your body gives you feedback how well it is being taken care of. Tracking your cycle helps you identify patterns you may not otherwise recognise, and work to correct them holistically.

What are your views around food and eating? Do you eat perfectly 100% of the time?

Absolutely not! I believe the way you eat should bring you joy and leave you feeling vibrant and alive. I am a strong believer in intuitive eating: paying attention to your hunger and fullness cues, and listening to what your body is craving. Full disclosure: I eat dark chocolate almost every night and often enjoy a pizza and glass of wine on a Friday night: life is about balance not perfection! It’s the consistency that you put in over time that produces long term results.

What’s your favourite way to switch off?

I love being in or near the ocean. You’ll often catch me going for a quick dip or a costal walk before or after work to clear my head.

Tamika can be found at our Bondi Junction clinics on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday and Kingsford Thursdays.

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