Interview with Pure Blends

Interview with Pure Blends (2)

Pure Blends in a nutshell

Pure Blends is a 100% vegan, plant-based protein. The concept is to use minimum ingredients for maximum benefit. We want to bring back the genuine enjoyment of natural taste and flavour of what the earth has gifted us. Our ingredients are simple: pea, hemp and brown rice – all superfoods and packed full of nutrients and essential amino acids. Our mango flavour simply has 100% natural Queensland mango added, so keeping true to our name.

Where did the idea for pure blends come from?

My business partner, Charlie, is intolerant to a few things that made it difficult for him to find protein supplements that didn’t cause him any discomfort. He began using vegan protein for that reason but a lot of them use stevia, which he hates the taste of. A lot more people seem to have an intolerance to certain things than we first thought way back when. Whey protein is obviously dairy based, a lot of people are intolerant to that, gluten, soy…even things like stevia! More research is finding that there’s quite a number of people that are intolerant to these things. That’s why we wanted to create a product that was genuinely natural, what you see is what you get and only using ingredients from things that the earth has provided us. Nutrition coming from a clean source- no foreign agents, that’s the concept of Pure Blends.

What are the benefits?

Pea has a great amino acid profile that is well known for decreasing muscle break down after workouts. There is research finding muscle recovery is faster using plant-based protein and that’s been reflected in the feedback we’ve gained from the users of Pure Blends. It’s also been found to support heart health and may even promote kidney function. Rice is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, vitamin B and fibre. It also helps us get our product tasting a little sweeter and less earthy! Hemp really is a superfood powerhouse; it is one of the most nutritionally complete food sources in the world, and is good for your skin, for memory and immune function, reduces inflammation, has more digestible protein than soy and more fibre than kale.

Why vegan?

Some people see ‘vegan’ as a bit of a buzz word at the minute, I don’t believe it’s going to stay that way. I think this is sustainable and becoming a global movement for good reason, such as the benefits just mentioned. Having said that, although it’s a vegan product, this is something for everyone. If you look at proteins from animals (such as whey), these animals get their food and their protein from the plants that they eat, so we essentially skip this wasteful step in the process and blend the plants we feel have the greatest properties, to create something that’s beneficial for our health and that our bodies can easily digest. Since using this product myself, I have tried my old protein for a taste test (being the standard leading whey brands on the market) and you can taste the difference, you can taste how synthetic the flavour is in some of these brands; we wanted to avoid this, which is why we are entirely plant based.

How does your product differ to other brands on the market?

The blend itself is what we’ve had so many comments on. Plant based proteins don’t always dissolve well and so they can be a bit grainy. Pure Blends, before you even mix it with water has a very distinct feel, a very fine finish, which we’ve worked on to make sure it’s as fine as possible so we give it the chance to dissolve as well as it can. I think it’s a pretty crucial step in separating ourselves from other Vegan protein brands. The other thing, again, would be the minimal ingredient approach. Even
leaving out the artificial sweeteners, I know a lot of other brands use those to compensate or to try and mimic a flavour. We’re trying to avoid flavours like salted caramel and double chocolate fudge. Rather than imitating something processed we want to bring back the genuine enjoyment of natural taste and flavour and hopefully over time get peoples pallets back to what they should be. The rice element in our product brings some sweetness, and mango was the first flavour we wanted to jump on because it’s so tropical and refreshing. It’s a nice and faint, but pure and refreshing taste. We’re really happy with how it turned out and so are our customers.

Is it a versatile product?

Yes, it’s extremely versatile! We have used it to create delicious smoothies such as mango with coconut water and banana. We have also cooked with it and made cacao and coconut protein balls (with the natural blend). We even made peanut butter protein cookies! Which tasted really awesome. We are in collaboration at the moment with a local baker to make some energy bars so that’s something to look out for in the future!

As business develops, we’re going to bring in new flavours. At the moment we have our natural flavour and mango.

You can get more information on Pure Blends and try their amazing product by visiting their website.

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Interview with Pure Blends

Interview with pure blends (3)

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