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Interview with Beat Body *special offer inside*

Interview with Beat Body *special offer inside*

Our Acupuncturist Daria talks to Tom Sproats, the owner of brand new fitness studio Beat Body.

What is Beat Body all about?

Beat Body is a unique beat based fitness concept based around cardio, strength, boxing and also an element of yoga. Each class takes place over 10 songs curated by our instructors to help motivate you through our 45 minute experience.

What made you get into the Health and Fitness Industry?

I have always been into sports: rowing, surfing, snow boarding & being active has always been part of my life so it seemed to make sense to make it part of my working life as well.

There is so much competition! What makes you stand out?

Beat Body is totally different to any other class because of the focus on the music, the studio fit out is super cool with neon lighting and a mixture of cardio machines, boxing bags and floor space which everyone swaps between. Our variety of workouts and intensity is getting people great results. The classes are 45 minutes so they can fit into everyone’s routines and we are continuously listening to our members and evolving to offer them a better experience.

Who is Beat Body suitable for?

Anyone that loves to listen to music whilst working out. Music helps to motivate and helps to push us more and more to get the most out of the 45 minutes we have to focus on our physical and mental health, getting fitter and stronger. We welcome anyone and everyone at Beat body and building a community is really important to us.

What are your 3 best health tips?

Sleep more, cross train – have a mixture of strength/cardio/stretching/yog a etc to help prevent injury and also give your brain a mix of focus and ENJOY what you do to workout.

I heard you have an offer for health Space Clients? Tell us more!

We are offering Health Space Clients our intro offer of $33 for 3 weeks…which is just too good not to do but we can then offer 15% of our 10 pack of classes!


Author: Daria Sheptitskaya

Daria is an Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner at our Kings Cross Clinic. Daria's mission is to help people to be the best versions of themselves. She has a passion to take an integrative approach to health and wellbeing. She combines her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Fitness to treat people from the inside-out. To book a session with Daria, contact the Kings Cross Clinic on 02) 8354 1534

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