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So, once again I am thrown completely out of my comfort zone in writing this blog, which seems to be a theme of my life at the moment, or perhaps it’s been a theme my entire life I just wasn’t learning the ‘lessons’ or getting to the point of the lesson?!

Writing a blog is something I have never done nor thought I would ever do, however when I was given an opportunity to write one based on something I had done, I figured why not give it a go? Yes, it’s only a blog and could come easy to some, however for someone who goes against the norm and only just figured out what Instagram was, it can be perceived as slightly overwhelming, as were the first few weeks of this year.

What I have come to notice, not just in my daily life but my working life too, is that even the slightest ‘change’ and shifts in my day to day life (mainly personal), in myself and in my current environment, seems to have this ripple effect or should I say huge influence, on all areas of my life, in particular my work environment.

I seemed to have been attracted to a profession that helps others heal and grow, which in turn has also helped change who I am and ultimately help me to heal and grow. For someone who likes to be in ‘control’ and know the outcome of things before they have even happened, acupuncture and working with people on a very individual and personal basis has been a huge challenge. Everyone is uniquely different and nothing in life is certain nor can be in ‘control’, jokes on me. Ha.

I noticed the slightest change in my perception, attitude and mood would have an effect on my week at work – i.e. patient numbers, results and even the type of patient I was attracting.

At first I wasn’t that aware of this and or believed it to be true, until life slapped me in the face with all sorts of changes and lessons, which felt as though I was being pushed and pulled in all directions and thrown out of my comfort zone. It was then that I felt I had no choice but to notice what was going on around me. What did I see, a pattern, this made me question, is it really true – what you put out is what you get back?! And I now have another decision to make; do I embrace this discovery and learn and grow from it, or do I stop and hide away because it was deeming to be all ‘too hard’?

Could we (we being the average person) be so sensitive to other’s energy and our own that we are constantly reacting to everyone’s energy, all day, everyday, without any awareness or even the slightest awareness?

Once I started to think about this concept more, the billion and one questions started flooding in. If I can block and attract patients to the clinic based on how I am feeling and my energy at the time could we be having this huge effect on people even while we treat them? Would we potentially attract what we don’t want or attract negativity based on what we are going through in our own lives and vice versa? How important is it to be in the present moment? How important is it to love and respect yourself, how important is it to have morals and values and integrity? How important is my health physically and mentally not only for myself and others? How important is my attitude? How important is this awareness of our own state of being, not only for ourselves but for everyone and everything in our lives?

If people can sense things without even being in the same room with me, imagine what the person lying on the table can sense. How important is it to be mindful?!

So, I am now feeling challenged once again, with the discovery being that I must to be in line with myself for myself, so I am then of excellent service to others.

Have I attracted acupuncture in to heal me? Who really is in need of help here? And if I can truly love, heal and help myself how magnificent is it to know the type of beneficial effect I can have on others.

They say change is meant to embraced and not feared, and it is important to step out-side of comfort zones to grow. As time goes on, these statements couldn’t have enough truth in them.

I am finding that growth in all areas of my life is something I’m striving for and it is becoming more and more important to me. This growth is developing rapidly as I continue to be pushed out of my little zones of comfort I have become so accustomed to. These changes I have chosen to embrace, rather than resist. I have discovered that the main cause of this resistance is usually being anchored by the emotion Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). With this change has come a lot of confronting realizations, one being how paralysing and controlling ‘fear’ or the perceptions behind fear can be. Once this fear is recognised and softened, it does not become the dictator of decisions anymore. Change and growth occurs, not only on a personal level, but in all areas of life, a domino type effect takes place.

With the belief becoming more apparent to me that we attract challenges, changes, certain people and certain situations into our lives to help us grow and change, I am finding I have choice in this. I can either take the positive or the negative, either way I must be aware that what I put out, I will ultimately get back 🙂

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