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Detox with Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Detox with Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Welcome to the body’s most powerful system of detoxification!

The lymph system is a big part of our immune system, it’s a network of different organs, nodes, ducts and vessels which help move around a clear fluid which removes bacteria from
tissues inside the body.

When this system doesn’t function properly, the fluid can build up and create swelling within the main nodes. These main nodes are where the waste is destroyed, and the clean lymph fluid travels back towards the heart to eventually become plasma for the blood.

Lymph flow is stimulated by tissue movement ie. exercise. So constantly moving is the best thing for our lymph system!

But why would we have poor lymphatic flow? Poor lifestyle choices are the most common cause so things like poor diet, lack of exercise and also pregnancy and surgery. That’s why exercise is an amazing tool to help your lymph system work efficiently.

And how can massage help?

By manually “pumping” the lymph fluid, it helps move the blocked fluid to the main ducts to drain. The massage itself is actually really soft, as the lymph system lives just under the skin! There’s no point in doing a lymph massage if the therapist is pushing into the muscles, that’s called deep tissue massage!

The massage movements are smooth, rhythmic, repetitious and predominantly circular with the aim to stimulate a peristaltic, wave-like action to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid and also to promote general relaxation. The therapist will work using these movements along the limb but also pause from time to time to allow the lymph capillaries to refill.  Usually the first treatment should be short (approx. 30 mins). This is recommended so that the body does not attempt to cleanse more quickly that it is capable of. You can have a 60 mins – 2-hour lymph drainage massage but personally I’d recommend getting a shorter one done first so your body doesn’t hate you in the coming days after the massage!

If I had one tip to give my clients before they come for this type of massage? Come to the appointment hydrated! If your body is dehydrated it will severely impact your body’s ability to detoxify and rebuild. Light exercise after the massage is highly recommended, 10-15 mins of gentle movement like walking can really benefit the after effects of the massage!

There are some side effects that you may expect after getting this type massage include brain fog, thirst, tiredness and pressure changes for example. This could be a sign that the treatment went for a bit too long or your body just had a lot of lymph waste it needed to get rid of. It’s completely normal to feel a bit lethargic after your very first lymph drainage massage, its just your body adapting to the waste draining.

The benefits …. Are amazing!

  1. Improves your immune system – This system and the lymph system are practically siblings so if one weakens, the other follows. Reduces swelling – not just in the limbs but also within the internal organs!
  2. Helps decrease migraines + vertigo
  3. Increases energy
  4. Improved range of motion

Ella offers lymph drainage massage as a part of her treatment techniques. Feel free to email Ella at for more information or book an appointment today by calling our Kings Cross or Kingsford clinics.

Author: Ella Barton

Ella Baton is a Massage Therapist at our Kings Cross and Kingsford Clinics. Ella’s aim is to help individuals holistically, putting YOU in control of your own body through massage therapy, exercise and stretching. Devoted to the idea of helping people and giving the body the relief it deserves, Ella treats all walks of life.

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