Acupuncture | The gift that keeps on giving

It’s the season of being social, and we’re all about keeping the balance for fast recoveries & feeling fresh while still enjoying the festivities! How does acupuncture feed into that?

Whether you’re in need of a moment to keep the self-care rolling for you and your friends/family, or simply gift something AWESOME for after the festivities, here are 6 reason’s Acupuncture should be high on your wish-list & gift-list this year:

1.     Acupuncture has the capacity to stimulate lymphatics to promote the break-down of toxins and fluids. No one likes having a foggy-mind, or feeling puffy and bloated – in summer no less!

2.     Acupuncture reduces stress by regulating your sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system –perfect for everything from de-stressing between family highs/lows, helping sleep, or even regulating an auto-immune disease flare up.

3.     Acupuncture can reduce fatigue and strengthen immunity. It’s a busy world out there, and it’s easy to feel depleted. The natural chemical release and boost in blood circulation that results from a session can make you feel like you’re floating on air.

4.     Acupuncture unbinds muscles by stimulating motor points and strengthening local neural connections, whilst improving local blood flow –perfect for when you’ve feeling suuuper tense, or not recovering as quickly as you’d like.

5.     Acupuncture boosts collagen, making you fresh faced with even skin tone. Good for everything for reducing scarring to facial rejuvenation. Monica Bellucci said it simply; “It is the opposite of Botox. Botox blocks, and acupuncture moves”. We like these tiny pins way more too!

6.     Acupuncture releases natural pain killers. When pins are inserted, they send a message to your brain to release chemicals such as endorphin, norepinephrine and encephalin. Whether it’s emotional pain or physical, Acupuncture’s got your back.

 But, how?

Every acupuncture point has a specific role or function. When we combine these points we’re creating your personalised script. It regularly changes from session to session, because our bodies aren’t completely stagnant! (although they can be stubborn from time to time).

Specific acupuncture points used should really be thought of more as ‘wells’, where things pool. Why? Simply put, these ‘wells’ are have a high concentration of sensory fibers, fine blood vessels, fine lymphatic vessels and mast cells1. Cool, huh? Placement of pins are incredibly influential on multiple systems within the body. The way we prescribe points is then based upon the systems that need regulating, the signs & symptoms you present with, and some tongue/pulse diagnosis to gauge how your internal system is coping. It’s always tailored to the individual. Sometimes you can feel great, but our systems checks will reveal that your body is just reeeeeally good at compensating. Other times you can feel rotten and actually have a really solid system that just needs a bit of a boost. Everyone’s different!

Feel free to book in for a check-up with me at either the Health Space Newtown or Rozelle Clinic 

1.      Kresser, 2010,


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