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A chat with Creature Fitness

Creature Fitness Sydney

Our Chiropractor Scott Bessant from Bondi Junction caught up with the team at creature fitness to ask a few questions.

Why did you become a trainer for Creature Fitness?

I have been working in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years now. For almost 3 of them I have been at Creature.  What I absolutely love is that is more than just training. We help members learn about nutrition and sleep, and how important that is on top of training, for long term health.

What do you love about being a trainer at Creature?

Helping people get ACTUAL REAL results.

In this past year I helped my clients lose over 50kgs of body fat, helped girls get their first pull ups, taught dads to do handstands with their kids as well as helped members put on over 20 kgs of lean muscle mass!!! It’s the best feeling to see a client sincerely happy and proud of themselves for achieving something they didn’t think was possible.

Who is your ideal member and why?

I love working with busy professionals who want to reach peak performance at any stage of their life. People who have trained hard, played sport and have been eating ‘healthy’ for the last 10 – 15 years but despite this – they can’t seem to get the results they want with their health and fitness. I know that they are committed to the process and hard working – and I will help them every step of the way.

What are the best things about functional training?

It is important to be prepared for anything you do in life. Play with your kids, move house, go on a big active holiday even just pick things off the floor. For people who sit at a desk for the majority of the day this can be difficult and often cause injury. This is why it is important to train. To move your body in different ways (not just up and down in and out of your chair), to build muscle to support your body as you get older and to continually challenge your body. Outside of the health benefits of training, there is the opportunity to build new relationships with people outside of family and work, try new things and become part of a community. Plus, who doesn’t love training with people who are going to motivate and push them and cheer them on!

What are you 3 best health tips?

1. Sleep, people underestimate how important sleep is – for recovery, weight loss, mood and performance. You won’t know yourself once you get 8 hours of sleep every night for one week!

2. Learn more about nutrition to balance a social life

Ask questions, read labels and find someone who can guide you through balancing a social life as well as working towards your goals. Sure there are some sacrifices but it shouldn’t mean going with out something!

3. Move every day; Gym, walk, run, weights, swim, stretch. Whatever it is – even if its 10 minutes, it’s better than nothing and trust me it makes EVERYTHING a lot easier.

From trainer Courtney


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