27 Jul, 2017

Magnesium soup for your soul and bones

by Yanan Kim

Magnesium, a vital ingredient to produce protein, muscle and nerve function as well as formation of bones! You may have heard it as a supplement but this key ingredient to your health is abundant in food. When you get magnesium from food, you can never overdose it as your kidneys excrete the excess amount. But you can overdose it if you get it from the “manufactured” sources. Call me old-fashioned, I am all for grabbing what you can from the nature. So I thought, heck! I am going to put together a super easy recipe to delight you with. (Read Fact Sheet on Magnesium here)

So, are you getting enough of it? Well, forget about the counting and say hello to one of the simplest recipe for you to have enough green leaves in your gut! Combining magnesium filled spinach and fermented miso, do I need to say more about your gut health?

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