Magnesium soup for your soul and bones

Magnesium, a vital ingredient to produce protein, muscle and nerve function as well as formation of bones! You may have heard it as a supplement but this key ingredient to your health is abundant in food. When you get magnesium from food, you can never overdose it as your kidneys excrete the excess amount. But you can overdose it if you get it from the “manufactured” sources. Call me old-fashioned, I am all for grabbing what you can from the nature. So I thought, heck! I am going to put together a super easy recipe to delight you with. (Read Fact Sheet on Magnesium here)

So, are you getting enough of it? Well, forget about the counting and say hello to one of the simplest recipe for you to have enough green leaves in your gut! Combining magnesium filled spinach and fermented miso, do I need to say more about your gut health?

The smell of Doenjang (similar to miso) brings me back memories of my childhood and sometimes, there’s nothing that can substitute this vital paste to make me feel alive again – works wonders to ease the hangover and bad mood after a bad tinder date.

So here is the recipe. Takes about 7 minutes for the whole thing to be ready!

The secret ingredient to a great Doenjang soup is the water from washed rice. When you rinse your rice, chuck the water from the first 2 rinses and pour out the 3rd wash water into the pot. This actually makes a great base for any kind of soup. Try it before you take my word for it!

* This recipe feeds 2

* What you need – rice/a bunch of spinach/Doenjang

1. Pour 2 mugs full of the water from your rice after second wash (by the way, you know you’ve got to soak the rice before cooking, especially if it’s brown rice for at least 20 hours, right? The reason why and beyond is written out here for you) into a pot. Start boiling the water.

2. Wash a bunch of spinach (I love using the roots too but it can be tedious to wash them properly but once you try the spinach roots, you will never look back!)

3. Mix 1.5 big table spoons of Doenjang into the water. My favourite brand is this one. Easy to find at any Korean grocery shop.

4. Once the broth starts to boil, add the spinach. You can add garlic, zucchini, tofu, spring onions as you fancy it.

5. Don’t overcook the poor bastards! Only a couple of minutes until the spinach is wilted would do it. 

5. Be grateful for this simple and humble soup and have it with rice or baguette if that’s how you roll!

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Oh, I am Yanan Kim, an acupuncturist, herbalist, and founder of this awesome medicinal tea brand, Teamor Tea Tailors. As you can see, I am a cracker of many jokes too! I practice at Healthspace Burwood clinic and Redfern. Email me if you fancy it! 

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